Coil Star

Coil Star Shortfill e Liquid

Coil Star e Liquid shortfills. Why are these shortfill juices called Coil Star? It’s juice that’s a real star on your coils! These cheap e juices are full of flavour, easy on the wallet and have no added sweetener, so your coils last longer. Each bottle of Coil Star e juice contains 50ml of nicotine free eLiquid, with space to add a 10ml nic shot or booster.

Coil Star
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Coil Star shortfill e liquid is tasty juice available for less than??1 per 10ml of e liquid. Large bottles of e liquid available to buy online in the UK with no added sweetener. Pay less than?one pound per 10ml of e liquid with free delivery on UK orders over ?30. Try Coil Star e Liquid today to see why Coil Star is the best cheap e liquid available in the UK.