Dough Bros

Dough Bros Shortfill e Liquid

Dough Bros e juice is brewed in the UK by the Ace of Vapez and is a dessert range with a flavour for everyone.

We currently stock the House Of Pancakes range by Dough Bros, which is a little different to other e Liquids on the UK market. You will receive a bottle of pancake base liquid, maple syrup flavouring, vanilla whipped cream flavouring and 2 other flavours specific to which House Of Pancakes e Liquid you choose.

Dough Bros
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Make your own custom pancake flavoured e Liquid with the Dough Bros House Of Pancakes range. Take your base pancake liquid, add your maple syrup and vanilla whipped cream, then add in your other two chosen flavours. Like it jammy? Try the Just Jam edition. Maybe you like to keep it classic, go for House Of Pancakes Original. Adventurous? Go for KSTRD edition. Great tasting pancake e Liquid, without the bacon of course!