Bar Salts

Bar Salts E Liquids

Bar Salts are nicotine salt e liquids based around the popular disposable flavours.

Check out our wide range of Bar Salts from all the top brands (such as Bar Juice, ElfLiq, Elux and many more) and grab your favourite disposable vape flavours in the nicotine salt form. Grab all of the popular flavours, from Blue Razz Lemonade to Banana Ice. Paired with one of our many pod kits, Bar Salts vape juice provide a great vape as your main device, for someone on the go, as an aid to quit smoking or just something a little different from the larger sub ohm devices.

Bar Juice 5000 Blue Bubba Nic Salts
Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum
Bar Juice 5000 Blue Ice Pop Nic Salts
Blue Raspberry, Ice Lolly
Bar Juice 5000 Cream Tobacco Nic Salt
Tobacco, Cream, Vanilla
Bar Juice 5000 Mr Blue Nic Salt
Blue Raspberry, Slushy

What are bar salts for vaping?

Bar Salts are nicotine salts that have similar flavours to the extremely popular disposable vape bars. These contain a higher amount of flavour than standard nicotine salts, as they are designed to be used with lower powered pod devices (such as the Geekvape Sonder Q or Uwell Caliburn) and will give you better results compared to some other brands.

Do Bar Salts taste like disposable vapes?

Bar Salts vape juice taste very similar to disposable vapes, as that is the flavours that they are based around. Most manufacturers of these devices now produce their own line of Bar Salts e liquid – for example you can now get all of the most popular flavours by Elfliq (makers of Elf Bar), and Elux to name a few.

What are the most popular Bar Salts flavours?

You can find a huge variety of Bar Salts e liquid flavours online, with all of the most popular brands in stock.

The most popular brands of Bar Salts flavours are Bar Juice 5000, ElfLiq and Elux but others are available (such as Bar Fuel or Bar Series).

The top 5 most popular Bar Salts e liquid flavours at the moment are:

  • Bar Juice 5000 Strawberry Raspberry Cherry
  • Bar Juice 5000 Banana Ice
  • Elfliq Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Elux Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum
  • Bar Series Watermelon Ice

There is a Bar Salt flavour for everyone, with a huge range of options in each flavour profile (including classic tobacco flavours for people wanting something a little more simple).

What nicotine strengths are Bar Salts available in?

There are several options for nicotine strength with these vape juices. For people who prefer the highest strength available, you should find that all manufactures offer Bar Salts 20mg strengths. If you’d prefer to have a lower strength (or are trying to lower your nicotine levels), you can also find a wide range of flavours available in Bar Salts 10mg strengths. If you’re looking to really cut down on your nicotine usage, then a selection of brands are starting to now release 5mg versions.

How much do Bar Salts cost?

Each brand has their own pricing, but you can find Bar Salt flavours starting at only £3.49 per bottle. We also offer multi-buy discount Bar Salts across our wide range of brands where you can grab a discount on cheap Bar Salts vape juice. All Bar Salts brands we stock are available on our 3 for £10 offer, just add them to your basket and the discount will automatically be added.

How many puffs do Bar Salts have?

While the packaging may be confusing, these 10ml bottles are not Bar Salts disposable devices – they are nicotine salts. Each bottle contains 10ml of nicotine salt which equates to around 3000 puffs, depending on the device used.

Are Bar Salts cheaper than disposable vapes?

It’s no secret that disposable vape pens are expensive, but each bottle of Bar Salts flavours is 5 times larger than a disposable. While the initial purchase of the kit can seem expensive, even this is cheaper than the disposable equivalent.

Here is a simple example of how to save money on vape disposables with bar salt nicotine salts:

Geekvape Sonder Q – £14.99

Bar Juice 5000 Strawberry Ice – £3.99

Total cost – £18.98

For the equivalent disposable vape purchase (in puffs), you would need to purchase 5 disposables. This would cost £23.95. The next purchase of nicotine salts (and replacement pods) would cost you less than the initial purchase.

What’s the different between Bar Salts and regular nicotine salts?

Bar Salts are extremely similar to regular nicotine salts in how they are created – the only difference is the amount of flavouring that is used. Bar Salts generally have a higher amount of flavouring used.

A higher level of flavouring gives a more “punchy” flavour when vaped, and replicates the disposable devices that Bar Salts vape juice are based on.

What kits should I use Bar Salts with?

The best vape kits to use Bar Salts would be pod kits. These are often smaller devices with a rechargeable internal battery. These devices require very little maintenance and normally feature replaceable pods that are swapped out once they have reached their end of use (and are tasting burnt or dry).

Pod kits are reasonably priced (most can be found for under £25) and there are multiple different style options available so you can pick the one that you like the most.