GrimmKVLT e Liquid

Founded by everyone’s favourite vaping reviewer, blogger, and YouTuber Nick “Grimmgreen” Green, and his tattoo artist Mark Moots, GrimmKVLT is a premium e-liquid line follow-up to the popular Epiclouds line by Namber Juice e liquid.

Both huge metalheads, Mark and Nick, played in bands together and separately for years. One day, Mark was doing some tattoo work on Nick and just blurted out “Hey. You know what would be a great name for an ejuice? Caramel Corpse” (obviously a play on the death metal band Cannibal Corpse).

After they were done laughing, Nick realised it was actually a pretty cool idea. That fateful day at Lasting Dose Tattoo in Reno, Nevada, a day that will live in infamy, GrimmKVLT was born, inspired by the creators’ love of vaping, tattoos, metal, and all things delicious.

Enjoyed the great history behind GrimmKVLT e Liquid? Now, Vapour Depot gives you an opportunity to enjoy the rich flavours of the American e-juice brand in the UK.

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