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Find your new favourite among our wide range of menthol e liquids.

Ice Menthol e liquid is specifically designed to give you the cooling sensation with a hit of mint in the background. Menthol liquid generally includes a fruit flavour in the mix, but you can find simple menthol flavoured e-liquids too. 

There is a wide range of different flavoured menthol e cig liquid available, so browse our massive selection of the coldest menthol e liquid flavours and see if you can find your new favourite.

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What is Menthol e Liquid?

Menthol is an additive designed to give you the cooling sensation. 

Menthol e liquids are characterised by the sharp “cold” hit with a mint taste that is popularly mixed with fruit flavours to create fruit menthol e liquids.  

What different types of ice menthol e liquid is available?

For those who want to experience all of the different versions of ice menthol e liquids. 

Menthol gives an instant cooling sensation and is the strongest of the three different versions mentioned here. Menthol also has a mint flavour in the aftertaste. 

Koolada also gives you an immediate cooling sensation, but fades rapidly throughout the vaping experience. There is no aftertaste to koolada to most people. This is one of the cooling elements people use in “ice” flavours.

WS-23 gives a cooling sensation on the exhale, but only lasts for a few seconds. This cooling is stronger than koolada, but not as strong as menthol. This is one of the cooling elements people use in “ice” flavours.

What are the most popular menthol flavours e liquid?

The most popular menthol flavours have always been fruit menthol e liquid flavours such as Coil Star Blueberry Ice, Coil Star Cherry Menthol and Breaking Brew Black Banks

Most people who enjoy cooling effects in their e liquids normally like the base flavour to be fruit, however other alternatives are available. If you are looking for just menthol e liquid, there are options for this too. 

Where can I purchase just menthol e liquids?

We offer a large selection of simple menthol e liquids. 

One of our most popular budget friendly options is Simplicity Menthol - straight, simple and strong menthol e liquid flavouring. If you are looking for something a little more complex, Element Frost is an extremely potent mint / menthol mixture that scratches the itch for fans of cold menthol e liquids. 

Where can I buy Menthol e Liquids?

You can find our range of Menthol e liquids in our Middlesbrough store.

If you prefer to have your menthol e liquid delivered, we offer fast and free shipping on all UK e liquid orders over £15 - simply choose Royal Mail 48 at checkout. 

If you are looking for menthol e liquids next day delivery, our UPS Next Day Delivery option will get your menthol e liquid there in a flash.