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eLiquids & Juice Information

eLiquids & Juice Information

The following information is a summary for all Vapour Depot eLiquids &?Juice.

Large Bottle Orders

Taste is subjective. What someone may love another person may dislike. Because of this we highly recommend not buying multiple bottles if you have never tried the juice before.

If you are unsure if a juice will be to your taste, come visit us in store where we can provide testing samples (this also includes our premium juice selection). Our store address can be found on the Contact Us page.

If you have bought a bottle and decide that you do not like it or it does not taste how you thought it would, although we will work with you to resolve the issue (for instance steeping times or other non subjective issues) we cannot provide refunds or accept returns on opened eLiquids.

Plastic & Acrylic Tanks

Some flavourings can cause plastic or acrylic tanks to crack. This is usually more acidic flavourings found in fruit, candy and cola types but other flavours could have the same effect.
We cannot take responsibility for any damage to your vaping equipment or device, so please understand that by using our eLiquids & Juice in a plastic or acrylic tank is at your own risk.

The following is a list of eLiquids which could potentially damage plastic tanks:

  • Tactical Orange
  • Lime Cookie
  • Lemon Sherbert
  • Pear Drops
  • Coconut & Lime Ice Cream
  • Pink Sturtevant
  • Blue Cranston
  • The Bluest Cranston


All juice lines manufactured by Vapour Depot are made in large batches. This means that by the time you have received your juice, it will usually have steeped for the suggested time. The batch date is printed on the lower left side of the juice label. Fro reference, the following steep times are recommended (from the batch creation date):

  • Desserts/Cream/Cereal: 2 – 4 weeks
  • Fruits/Drinks: 1 week
  • Candy/Sweets: 1 – 2 weeks
  • Menthols/Tobacco: 5 days

Some more information of steeping eLiquids & Juice is available here.

Cloudy eLiquid

Some of our juice may appear to be cloudy. This is normal and it is due to the concentrates that are used.

The following is a list of eLiquids which may appear cloudy:

  • Pear Drops
  • Lemon Sherbert
  • Pink Lemonade
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