Lucha Juice High Flyer Coffee Flavoured E Liquid

What is the best coffee e liquid?

Looking for the best coffee e Liquid on the market?

Coffee, it’s an interesting thing. In the UK, we consume around 95 million cups of coffee a day. We drink it first thing on a morning to kickstart our day. We pick up a take-away coffee on the daily commute. We have a few cups during the work day. We have a quick pick me up when we get home from work.

But why don’t we vape coffee flavoured e liquids?

Coffee is an interesting flavour to work with. There are several ways to mix a coffee flavoured e liquid and a vast selection of coffee flavour concentrates are available to give you a start, but which is the right one?

If you’ve ever had a coffee flavoured e juice you will know they are difficult to get right. They are either very weak on flavour, extremely bitter (burnt rubber / car tyres are things that springs to mind) or just taste straight up synthetic.

After 8 months of development, a large amount of tinkering and feedback from our review panel we have made a breakthrough. Using the signature creamy base from one of our exclusive e liquids and a completely bespoke coffee e liquid flavouring we built from the ground up, we are proud to announce the newest luchador to our roster:

Lucha Juice High Flyer Coffee Flavoured E Liquid

This is the best coffee e Liquid in the UK

Making it’s way to the ring, Lucha Juice Heavyweights High Flyer – A beautifully crafted vanilla ice latte without any bitterness.

The High Flyer is built for speed, performing sunset flips, 450 splashes and springboarding around is no easy task. Therefore there’s only one remedy… iced coffee e juice!

Lucha Juice High Flyer 50ml Shortfill E Liquid
Lucha Juice High Flyer 50ml Shortfill E Liquid

But let’s cut the bull, try High Flyer and you’ll understand why this is the best coffee e Liquid on the market. With 8 months of development, 8 weeks minimum steep time, organic coffee extracts and our signature cream base, this was no easy feat to create this delicious coffee vape juice uk.

Many other coffee flavoured e Liquids on the market taste overly bitter, like rubber or a little burnt. You won’t find that here. So if you’ve ever been put off coffee flavours due to previous experiences, take a leap of faith from the turnbuckle, we guarantee it’s not a high risk manoeuvre today.

Coffee Flavoured E Liquid

It’s no secret that here at Vapour Depot, we are huge wrestling fans and aficionados of everyone’s favourite hot caffeinated beverage so we would never release juice with our name on it unless we were 100% happy with the outcome.

We’ve vaped 100s of mls of this juice during the steeping process to make sure it tastes exactly as it should and after 8 long weeks it has finally reached perfection.

A coffee e liquid like Lucha Juice Heavyweight High Flyer fits perfectly in everyone’s juice collection. Its slight cooling adds a refreshing element to the juice. The creaminess adds to the fuller flavour and the coffee and vanilla combine to make this one for any time of the day.

Because of the way this juice has been crafted, it is a darker e liquid which can be known to shorten coil lifespan so for that reason we would recommend that you vape our best creation to date on either a Mesh coil sub ohm tank or a rebuildable tank / dripper so you are not having to replace your coils every couple of days.

What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of Lucha Juice Heavyweight High Flyer now and see what all the hype is about! With this coffee vaping liquid.

What if I prefer to vape coffee flavoured nicotine salts?

If you prefer to vape coffee flavoured nicotine salts, we still have a huge selection of the best coffee vape juice available in the UK right now.

When it comes to coffee time, Barista Brew nicotine salts have some of the best coffee vaping juice in salt format.

Barista Brew salted caramel macchiato is a great alternative to spending all of our hard earned money at a popular coffee drive through. If you prefer your coffee a little more chocolatey – Barista Brew White Chocolate Mocha is a great white chocolate version of the milk chocolate caffeinated beverage.

There are many other options for coffee nicotine salts, you can see the other options clicking the below button for all your coffee vaping juice needs.

This article was originally published in October 2020 and has been updated as of February 2022.

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