Sub Ohm Vaping: What is it? Its Pros and Cons

Do you remember the first time you put a vape device in your mouth to inhale e-cigarette for the first time? When exhaled, you saw a thin vapour line which made you wonder if vaping really is about juicy flavours and thick clouds. First-time vaping wasn’t as easy as buying those dangerous tobacco cigarettes from a local store; was it? You made extra efforts but still got a thin vapour stream.
If a little cloud isn’t your thing, then it’s the right time to enter the realm of sub ohm vaping. Popularly known as sub ohming, it truly is about thick clouds.

    • What is sub ohm vaping?

It can be defined as a vaping term where coils with a resistance of less than 1 ohm are used. In the modern vape world, sub ohm resistances are a new thing. While searching for the right vaping hardware UK, you will come across advanced tanks and coils with sub ohm resistance. But the scenario wasn’t the same a few years ago. There weren’t batteries safe for sub ohming. The only method to enjoy the big clouds was to use coils with a mechanical mod.

However, the industry has updated its vaping devices in last few years that let you enjoy various kinds of flavours with thick clouds. You can enter the sub-ohm vaping world with a safe starter kit keeping vaping ideology in your mind.

    • Is Sub-ohm vaping safe?

Yes! Sub-ohm is considerably safe, thanks to the updated vaping devices. Although the safety depends on the tank type you are using, sub-ohm vaping cannot be called dangerous. There can be an awful din of people against e-cigarettes who put a finger on the device’s battery that may damage due to overheating. But every gadget with a battery has its own risks associated with overheating causing battery damage.

If you still have a substandard vaping device, there are high chances you are inhaling various unwanted particles. To solve this issue, you must get a better sub ohm tank atomizer. The safest way to enjoy sub-ohm vaping is by choosing regulated box mod over a mechanical mode.

    • How to choose the right battery?

A battery is the most important part of sub-ohm vaping, so it is necessary to consider its features and limitations. Discharge rate is one factor that should be given a special attention while choosing the battery. There are some batteries that come with a discharge rate under seven amp, while the others have a safe discharge rate of 30 amp or more. With the decrease in coil resistance, more discharge rate is required. So the safest battery for sub-ohming is one with a higher discharge rate.

    • What are pros and Cons of sub-ohm vaping?

Like everything on earth, sub-ohm vaping has many advantages and some disadvantages.

There are many benefits of turning to sub-ohm vaping, but the major three of them are:

      1. Big clouds: If you want massive clouds, you have chosen the accurate vaping device. It happens because e-liquids are hotter here which result in bigger clouds than ordinary e-cigarettes.
      2. Hotter vapour: In sub-ohm vaping, a higher wattage of power is generated which results in hotter e-juices.
      3. More flavour: More power leads to hotter vapour and tastier e-juices. Before the arrival of sub-ohm vaping, one has to wait for a long time to get a flavoursome taste.

Sub-ohm vaping is safe, flavoursome, and enjoyable, but still it has a disadvantage.

      1. Can’t vape secretly:Sub-ohm vaping generates thick clouds, so you cannot secretly vape in your office or a place where you don’t want to show others that you are vaping.

Why should one Sub Ohm?

Honestly, Sub-Ohm Tank atomizer can also be used with lower wattage devices such as the iStick 30W, for example, by using the 1.2 Ohm coil heads, one can get a wider airflow.

In the end, Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what Sub Ohm vaping truly is. Don?t just follow the trends carelessly. Do some research and think about whether is it for you or not. Like anything else, vaping started as a means of quitting cigarettes but has quickly evolved into a hobby. This hobby is now becoming a sport much, and it brings evolution to Ecig sale.

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