Is Vaping Really Cheaper Than Smoking? Vaping vs Smoking Cost Comparison

Vaping has taken the world by the storm. Vaping is an international phenomenon and has been thought to help a lot of people to quit smoking. While we think that?s a great thing, a lot of people don?t share our point of view. To a lot of people who smoke, they consider vaping to be either unsafe or expensive. Vaping is neither of these and these statements can?t be more further from the truth. In fact, by the end of this article, you? ll yourself will be able to assess and understand the situation of vaping vs smoking in terms of costs.

To understand the price comparison of vaping and smoking, it?d be unwise for us to ignore all the devices considered to be vape devices. So we?ll incorporate all the devices which are considered to be vaping devices. We?ll measure the cost of a vape device for an entire year for these different devices like:

  • Cigalike device:

A basic cigalike device starter kit is available for ?36.49 which comes along with ten extra cartridges from any vape shop UK. An extra cost of ?8.75 will get you a new box inclusive of 5 cartridges. Now if we think about the number of cartridges each vaper blazes through each day, it?s 2 on an average means you?ll burn through 730 cartridges each year. The 144 extra 5 box cartridge will cost you ?1260 annually plus the initial cost will bring it to ?1296.49 annually.

  • eGo-style device:

A standard eGo-style device is known to cost somewhere around ?24.99 for a Kanger Subvod. Such a device would, however, require you to buy coils at particular intervals of time. These coils cost somewhere around ?9 per 5 coil pack. On an average, a vaper can be seen burning through a single coil for in 2 weeks. On a yearly basis, you consume somewhere around 26 of these things. Bringing the hardware total to ?70 roughly.
Next comes the cost of flavors used by this bad boy. Vaping 4 ml worth of each day will amount to 1460 ml of liquid each year which is roughly around 49 bottles per year. This costs on an average somewhere around ?266. This effectively brings the total to ?361 pounds a year roughly.

  • Box mod:

Next, we compare how much a box mod cost you for an entire year. So a starter box mod kit costs an initial ?47 (This is the cost of a vape starter kits UK). The coils will again cost you ?9 as per the previous calculations. This brings the hardware cost for the entire year to ?94.
A single day consumption burns around 5 ml a day on an average will burn somewhere around 1825 ml of liquid each year which is equivalent to 61 bottles. The cost of this comes to somewhere around ?332. If you wish to consume premium liquids throughout the year, that?ll cost you ?893. All of this is a basic vape box without any Vape Mods. Thus the total cost of vaping a box mod for a year will cost somewhere around ?426 to ?987.

Now let?s bring back our original competitor to the stand and see how much that cost you for an entire year.

  • Cigarettes:

A simple calculation will be able to show you how much smoking costs you per year.
Looking at the statistics, a smoker which vapes that frequently as mentioned above is addicted to smoking a pack day of cigarettes. While that?s not too viable, you can think on an average that a smoker smokes around 5-6 packs a week.

An average pack of cigarette costs somewhere around ?9. And that can give you the cost of smoking for a year which is somewhere between ?3091 to ?3285.

  • Verdict:

Smoking is by far, the most expensive of all the present competitors. Looking at it, while using a Cigalike device, you save somewhere around ?1989. While vaping an eGO-style device an average person saves ?2924 and vaping with a box mod will save you ?2953. While looking at the comparison, you can easily make out what a huge difference there is in Smoking and vaping. With an option of saving around ?2000, you also get to save your life. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking and helps you steer away from a huge amount of carcinogens from cigarettes while being effectively cheaper at the same time.

There is no reason, not to switch from smoking to vaping as a lot of people have been able to do. So think of the choice you make today. A choice that has only darkness and death at the end of its path or one that is full of different flavors in life and doesn?t cost you your life at the end.

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