Vape Pod System: How they are Different from Vape Mod?

The vape pod system is currently trending in the vaping world. Vapers are falling in love with the compact size facility & portability that these small on-the-go vape pod systems offer. Almost all levels of vapers are progressively incorporating them to their vaping device collection. Don’t know what is a Vape pod system or want to know what the best vape pod systems are, or how they are different from a Vape box mod? You don’t need to worry, as in this post, we’re going to answer every question you have about Vape pod system.

So what is a Vape pod system?

A Vape pod system is a lightweight, small on-the-go device which comes one step ahead of a basic e-cigarette. Moreover, it is apparently clear from its name that a vape pod system uses a ‘pod’ in place of using a traditional tank or atomizer. It is a perfect vaping device for the people who look for something which offers more than just a starter e-cig and less than that advanced vape mods. Because a basic e-cigarette may be too limited to use for them. Plus, it may not allow them to have a sufficient control over their vaping experience. On the other hand, more advanced vaporizer devices may be too big in size, too complex to handle or too unfamiliar with them.

A Vape pod system is also referred as ?pod? system because it accepts pods (small refills of e-liquid specific for the device). These refills are generally small bottles of eLiquid that you just have to put into your device. Thus, it removes the need of keeping bottles of e-juice in your closet, bag, desk or wherever you keep all those required bottles.

A vape pod system is easy-to-operate, compact and portable when it comes to the benefits of using a vape pod system. In other words, the benefits of using a vape pod lie between the benefits of using a basic e-cigarette and advanced vape box mods. If you’re very new to vaping, you will find it more user-friendly, otherwise, it proves itself as a convenient on the go device for seasoned vapers.

How Vape pod systems are Different from Vape Mod?

There is a huge difference between a Vape pod system and Vape mod. A Vape pod system is a lightweight, easy-to-use and compact looking device that usually consists of two main components such as a battery and the e-juice pod. They can be compared to e-cigarettes, but durable & easier to operate. It is an ideal device for smokers who want to switch to vaping as they don’t have to learn the usage of those high wattage mods, coils, tanks, etc., and can easily use a pod kit & just purchase some e-juice pods.

On the other hand, vape mods are generally preferred by more advanced vapers who don’t bother to carry a big device along with them. A vape mod is a bigger, heavy-weight or more complex e-cigarette. It can be compared to a type of e-cigarette which accepts cue from a basic vape pen but comes with more advanced features (here ?mod? means modified or enhanced).

The Aspire gusto mini pod system is the best vape pod system currently available in the market with multiple color options such as black, grey, blue and red.

It is an archetypal, compact-looking pod system, with an ultra-sleek, rectangular, USB stick looking appearance.

    • 510-compatible drip tip
    • 900 mAh battery
    • 17w Wattage Output
    • Pocketable and lightweight

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