Vape 101: Best Way To Save Your Coils From Burning

Vaping is a great habit which is way healthy than smoking. However, the flavors and the coils don?t make it such a cheap habit. Flavors cost a fortune and burning coils is a distress too as it comes to a close second which makes vaping expensive. Burnt coils are the only reason why we have to keep changing coils and shedding bucks to order new ones and cause a lot of discomforts. While dry hit is a result, a burnt coil also gives out a terrible burnt flavor.

There are however ways by which you can begin to control the excessive burning of the coils. Since it has been a major problem for every vaper, people have been able to devise strategies to avoid it. So always remember to:

  • There?s always time to prime

?Priming the e cig coils is extremely important if you wish to save your coil from burning. Priming is the process of making your extremely dry wick attached to your coil, wet and soaked. Since immediately after filling your vape tank after changing the coil or the wick, it takes around 5 minutes to let it be soaked completely, pro vapers, prime the coil.To prime it, you need to manually make the coil and wick wet after they are connected by dropping 3-5 drops of your liquid in and around the areas of the coils and the port. Additionally be careful to not fill your tank for around 5 more minutes.

  • Don?t vape like a train

While vaping is as safe as it gets, it?s advised not to take regular hits. While it?s not harmful to your health, it does damage your device and at the same time creates chances of a dry hit. Since you already know that dry hit is hated and dreaded by everyone who vapes, it is also important to know that it burns your coil. Every dry hit decreases the life of the coil and also damages the wick too.
This can be easily avoided by not taking continuous hits, give the wick and coil to be wet again.

  • Dial down the power setting

Vaping at a higher wattage is also a reason for coils being burnt at a faster pace. The high temperature vaporizes the ejuice flavours at a rapid pace and while it produces some thick cloud of flavour, it burns the coil. This high-intensity burning is as mentioned above also responsible for dry hits.?It is important to dial down on the high wattage as this will lessen the frequency of incoming flavourful clouds after taking subsequent hits.

  • Keep the tank fueled

Your vape tank will also play an important role in saving your coil from repetitive burning. Keeping your tank filled up with the flavours will save the coil as the more the flavor, the lesser the chances there are of burning your coils. A big number of tanks don?t even soak the coil unless juice reaches a certain level in the tank. Hence if you aren?t thinking of changing the flavor, keep it topped up.

  • Choose a liquid with higher PG

PG is known to be less viscous than the VG. This means that VG doesn?t easily get absorbed in the wick. Hence if you are burning coils faster without using a higher wattage or without taking continuous hits, your juice has a high VG ratio. This can be easily tackled though. The best eliquid shops will let you choose the juices according to your understanding of ratio. A juice with ratio 70/30 VG/PG, will not be absorbed by the wick easily. Try to move towards flavors which are more towards 50/50 ratio.

  • Cut back on sweet flavours

Sweet flavors are known to pose serious problems to coils too. While they taste great, they are known to clump and deposit around the coil. The sweeteners in the flavor caramelize around the coil and pose serious deterioration threat. Hence it is recommended to vape with a liquid with a more balanced flavor and not keep vaping with a sweet flavor regularly. The gunked up coil, however, can be cleaned using strong drinkable alcohol but is needed to be kept overnight in such a solution. This doesn?t necessarily mean that veteran vapers recommend it. Any gunked up coil for them is as good as dead.

  • Use temperature control (TC)

TC devices are the solution to burning coils, asking for help. With such a device you can set up a certain temperature as the maximum allowed temperature which is monitored for the coils. When the temperature reaches at its peak, the device automatically stops delivering power to your tank holding both the wick and the coil. This does certainly help to protect the coil from subsequent burning increasing the life of your coil by several days.

Now that you have the solution, run your coils a little longer and save yourself all the money that you kept burning away!

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