The Ultimate How-To Guide to Build your Coil

There are mainly two reasons that vapers want to build their own coils; firstly, it helps them save money in the long run and secondly, it ensures a better vaping experience for the vapers. Also, it lets the vapors enjoy their favourite flavors. In this write-up, we are going to explain the coil building process in detail.

So, if you have decided to build your own coil but don’t know how to build it and where to start, it’s OK because you have reached the right place.

What you’ll need?

You will need a complete DIY vape tool kit which includes:

  • A RDA

  • Ohm Reader

  • Scissors

  • Resistance wire

  • Small propane torch

  • Thin wire cutters

  • Small screwdriver

  • Organic cotton

  • Pliers or Tweezers

Before you actually start with the coil building process, you need to know the different types of coils you can make at home. These include:

  • Single Coils

  • Twisted Coils

  • Clapton Coils

  • Dual Coils

Talking about the ease of coil building, single coils are easy to build for the beginners. Once you are comfortable with it, you can move to the dual coil. However, the clapton and twisted coils are harder to build and also, they need extra tools. However, here is the process for building your own coil.

Oxidizing the wire

Cut a 4-5 inch wire, hold its one end with a pair of tweezers or pliers. Now, slowly heat the wire by using torch until it starts getting orange. Let the wire cool and repeat the same process by holding the other end. Oxidizing the wire will not only make it less ?springy? but it would also become easier to work with.

Wrapping the coil

Now, for wrapping the wire, you will need the wire, tweezers and a screwdriver. Place the wire at the screwdriver?s base. Leave one end longer than the other while wrapping the coil. With the help of your finger, hold the wire against the screwdriver. You would wrap the wire about 6-8 times, depending on the size of the RDA. Tight the coils to remove slack and bring them closer to one another without overlapping. Hold one end of the wire with your finger while pulling the other end with pliers or tweezers. Though some people prefer taking the coil out of the screwdriver, being a beginner you should avoid doing so. Checkout this video on Beginner’s guide to wrapping coil?

Installing the coil

Next, take the build deck of RDA and loose the post screws. Don’t remove the screws completely as they are easy to lose but are hard to put back, especially when your hands are already full. Take the coil (that is still on the screwdriver) and position both the leads in the positive post hole and negative post hole, respectively. Using the screwdriver, try to position the coil towards the middle of RDA. You can tighten the post screws after positioning it. However, don’t over tighten the screws, otherwise, the wire inside the post may get cut and you would need to make a new coil. Trim the leads close to the post once you have mounted it securely. Checkout this video on installing the vape coil

Now, you are done with the coil building process; check the structure and ensure it is built accurately. All OK? Then it’s the time to appreciate your work and enjoy vaping. As you have already purchased the Make my vape kit, you can improve the coil building process by trying it again and again.

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