TPD Update Roadmap

TPD Update Roadmap

TPD Update Roadmap: Like it or not, the time is upon us where we need to make a whole bunch of changes.

As much as some of the laws the TPD introduces may not be fantastic, we’re simply looking forward and adjusting the ways we do things.

So the following is a list of all the changes we’re making. All changes will be live on our website by November 20th.

Standard House Juice

The biggest changes will be regarding our house juice options. The following changes apply to all the house juice we have prepared prior to Novemeber 20th.

  1. Firstly, house juice will now unfortunately only be available in 75VG 25PG ratio. Our most popular ratios were 70VG & 80VG previously, therefore we decided to take the middle road which should suit the majority of our customers. This means we will no longer be producing nicotine containing higher PG eLiquids as of November 20th 2016.
  2. Nicotine strengths have been cut to 3mg & 6mg options only. Again we have had to pick the most popular strengths and this does unfortunately mean that higher nicotine options for house juice are no longer available as of November 20th 2016.
  3. Bottle sizes will be changes to 10ml, 30ml Unicorn or 100ml.
  4. House juice has been prepared in advance. The stock is not compliant with the TPD and therefore will be available for a limited time. House juice will be available until either the pre-made stock sells out or May 20th 2017, whichever comes first.

Limited Edition House Juice

As of November 20th, a number of limited edition (including Christmas) house juice flavours will be released. These will be available only in a 75VG 3mg option and have been made prior to November 20th. These will be sold as a 60ml bottle only.

The new ‘Reformulated’ Range:

This need range is part of our overall?TPD Update Roadmap.

As of November 20th, our new flagship juice will be listed on our website. This range will be available in 100ml bottles, 75VG only and available in 3mg & 6mg nicotine strengths. This range will be 6 flavours. These 6 flavours plus a further two are going through all testing and notification to comply with the TPD.

Please note, although the products will be listed for November 20th. The range will not be available for purchase for another week to allow adequate steep times on the batches.

Nicotine Free

Nicotine free (0mg) juice will now be sold within its own category. This juice will be similar to how our current house juice works.

  1. Nicotine free juice will be offered in 30VG, 50VG, 70VG and Max VG ratios.
  2. The number of flavours will generally be around the same number as our current house juice, that’s between 40 – 50 deping on popularity of flavours.
  3. Bottle size will be 10ml, 30ml, 30ml Unicorn, 100ml & 250ml options.
  4. An option to add a 10ml bottle of Aromea Nic Booster for an additional ?1 – The Nic Booster product is 20mg/ml and TPD compliant and will be available as 100PG or 100VG. Initially we only have a small number of these, however we have placed an order for more already.

Doomsday Bundle

Unfortunately, as of November 20th, the Doomsday bundle will be withdrawn from sale.

VG Nicotine Base

Unfortunately, as of November 20th, the Vapour Depot VG Nicotine base will be withdrawn from sale.

That’s all the information for now in our?TPD Update Roadmap, but we will add any further changes should there be any.

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