Top 5 Vaping E-Juice and E-Liquid Flavors in the Market

Before placing an order it is very useful to considering how good is that e juice or e liquid flavor. With over 600 plus unique eliquid flavours, Here we bring you the finest and widest selection of new and premium ejuice available on the vaping market 2017.

Flavorah Cinnamon CrunchA highly PG based Concentrated flavoring for mixing at 2-5% solution. Warm cinnamon and cereal cookie flavour. Mixes well with milks, custards etc. This product contains zero nicotine for a perfectly tuned cinnamon bakery or cereal vape.

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Money Shot DoughA creamed coconut sandwiched between a digestive cookie base. This flavour from Money Shot e-liquid concentrates have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the every home brewer, to create a deliciously, creamt perfect e-liquid to the high levels of the professionals, for just a fraction of the cost.

If you are new to your DIY journey, then you should check this thread on reddit.

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Formulated King Cookie DoughFormulated King Cookie Dough is a crunchy, biscuity cookie dough flavour from Vapour Depot. This e juice flavour is Half baked with a delicate layer of caramel cream that is Good enough for royalty.

All eLiquid from Vapour Depot has a 75VG – 25PG ratio and having 3mg & 6mg nicotine strengths.

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We Out Here Doe Boardwalk e-liquid comes as a 60ml bottle and having 3mg nicotine strength with 80VG – 20PG ratio. This is newest addition to the We Out Here Doe range.

This flavor is a very satisfying dessert vape that combines bubblegum with ice cream, making a jaw dropping flavour that really sets them apart.

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A delicious lime flavour on the inhale with a Ice, Cream and Lime exhale. It tastes just like the childhood favourite ice lollies. The ratio of this product 70VG 30PG for a 10ml bottle.

This e juice flavour was founded by an experienced and top rated member of the vaping community who felt disappointed with most of the e-juice he?d tried

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These e juice and e liquid companies represent some of the best e-juice vendors in the vaping industry. It?s not the definitive ?best of? for e-liquid companies, This is just a recommendation. It?s important for you to consider what you?re personally looking for.

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