Top 5 Vaping E-Juice and E-Liquid Flavors in the Market

Before placing an order it is very useful to considering how good is that e juice or e liquid flavor. With over 600 plus unique eliquid flavours, Here we bring you the finest and widest selection of new and premium ejuice available on the vaping market 2017.

  • Flavorah Cinnamon Crunch

A highly PG based Concentrated flavoring for mixing at 2-5% solution. Warm cinnamon and cereal cookie flavour. Mixes well with milks, custards etc. This product contains zero nicotine for a perfectly tuned cinnamon bakery or cereal vape.

  • Money Shot Dough

A creamed coconut sandwiched between a digestive cookie base. This flavour from Money Shot e-liquid concentrates have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the every home brewer, to create a deliciously, creamt perfect e-liquid to the high levels of the professionals, for just a fraction of the cost.

If you are new to your DIY journey, then you should check this thread on reddit.

  • Formulated King Cookie Dough

Formulated King Cookie Dough is a crunchy, biscuity cookie dough flavour from Vapour Depot. This e juice flavour is Half baked with a delicate layer of caramel cream that is Good enough for royalty.

All eLiquid from Vapour Depot has a 75VG – 25PG ratio and having 3mg & 6mg nicotine strengths.

  • We Out Here Doe Boardwalk

We Out Here Doe Boardwalk e-liquid comes as a 60ml bottle and having 3mg nicotine strength with 80VG – 20PG ratio. This is newest addition to the We Out Here Doe range.

This flavor is a very satisfying dessert vape that combines bubblegum with ice cream, making a jaw dropping flavour that really sets them apart.

  • This Juice The Twist

A delicious lime flavour on the inhale with a Ice, Cream and Lime exhale. It tastes just like the childhood favourite ice lollies. The ratio of this product 70VG 30PG for a 10ml bottle.

This e juice flavour was founded by an experienced and top rated member of the vaping community who felt disappointed with most of the e-juice he?d tried

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These e juice and e liquid companies represent some of the best e-juice vendors in the vaping industry. It?s not the definitive ?best of? for e-liquid companies, This is just a recommendation. It?s important for you to consider what you?re personally looking for.

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