Top 5 one shot concentrates to try in 2018

One shot concentrates is a term we’ve heard quite often. It’s been said variably across all the vaping communities and demands us to pay attention towards it for being, as said in the vaping community as cheap but delightful. Since the thought of doing something that’s more pocket friendly and desirable is exciting to us, we won’t ever give up that opportunity. A lot of pro vapers use it and are quite happy about it. Being a noob, or an amateur you might just be figuring it out and want to know more about it. Well, worry not my friend I am here to tell you all about them.

What are one shot concentrates?

In most simple terms, they are the pre-mixed flavors which are based upon the already popular e-liquid flavors but lacks the VG juice and nicotine (optional) to create a unique juice according to the mix percentages you want and let it steep as per its requirement as the kind of flavor it is. Sounds complicated? Let’s simplify it then.

Every E-juice contains a certain amount of PG, VG and nicotine in a certain ratio. Many of us like the standard e-juice but a lot of vapers decided they want to switch the PG and VG ratio and see what becomes of the flavors. Hence they segregated the items and mixed them together according to their taste and understanding. One shot concentrates allow you to create your own e-juice as per your liking of PG/VG ratio.

While the nicotine is optional to add or not, you can get the nicotine booster shot and add it to your mix. For the same, you’ll need a couple of more things to mix these liquids like:

  • A one shot concentrate flavor
  • A measuring device
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Nicotine (If required)
  • A calculator to mix
  • A container for final mix

Now we shall follow these steps:

– We start with taking the mixing calculator which could be easily available on the app store or the Play store to download from. Liqcalc is a great one.

– Now simply add in the PG/VG ratio and the amount of e -liquid you want as the final product and it’ll tell you exactly how much you need to mix.

– Take the measuring device (a syringe works perfectly well) and add these to a container where you are doing the final mix.

– If you are using nicotine in the mix. Be safe. Nicotine is a toxic substance on its own. Letting some fall on your skin directly is dangerous and should be washed immediately.

– Once the mixing is done, pour the liquid in an air tight bottle to steep. Let it sit there as per its requirement and it can vary from 1 day to 3 weeks and it depends upon the flavor you are creating.

A menthol and mint flavor can be vaped instantly by just shaking and stirring the liquid well. Confectionery and fruity flavors need anywhere from a day to a week. Cakes and creams take somewhere around 2-3 weeks. Custard and tobacco take around 4 weeks to steep well.

Since now we know all there is to know about One shot concentrates, let’s see what are the most well reviewed and popular one shot concentrate making brands of 2018:

Vjuice UK Concentrates:

If you are planning to prepare your own e-liquid with more PG-based flavourings, then Vjuice UK Concentrates is the right brand to pick. They are available in a wide range of flavours that let you mix concentrates to make a juice that you will love to inhale.

WHighly concentrated flavours make Vjuice UK Concentrates a great pick for DIY e-liquids. They are easy to mix and prepare. Some of the most popular concentrate flavours of Vjuice UK Concentrates are deep freeze, purple rain, and pinkman.

Vampire Vape:

The original bad boy of the e-juices. Vampire Vape is known for its fan following. The genuine customers that keep coming back for the amazing high end one shot concentrates and e-liquids. The wide variety of e-liquids are also turned into the one shot concentrates are the hearty favourites amongst a wide variety of people.

The many popular flavors include, Vampire Vape Pinkman, Heisenberg and Vampire Vape Vamp toes. The high quality is maintained by preparing them in isolated rooms, and extremely accurate dating and manufacturing system including batch number and expiry dates.

Formulated vape co. concentrates:

The in house genius of Vapour depot. This brand was created by the vaping pros who, after falling in love in with the classic in house juices decided to take a step further and take it out in the open market. The result was the most delectable dessert flavors available today.

The classic flavors include: Creamy fudgealicious concentrate, Irish Charm concentrate, King Cookie Dough concentrate and The Bluest Cranston concentrate. The sugary flavor present takes around 2 weeks of steeping. You can also try to create your own by mixing these flavors with the ones available in the market today and create something unique for yourself.

Goldfish Sauce:

These flavors are few of the craziest in the market. Gold Fish Sauce is known to mix the flavors which prove to become crazy combinations of flavours which are polar opposite to each other. While the name somehow throws you off guard, the taste will bring you aboard the flavor train.

The most delicious of these are: Fruitsmasher, Goldfish Flakes, Grape Escape and Monkey Business. While the flavors themselves seem a bit crazy. The profiles are strong and feel amazing with every hit you take. It?s just the right kind of flavor you can vape all day.

MasterVapor Concentrate:

They are nasty, easy to prepare, and mouth-watering flavours that give you an opportunity to enjoy a delicious e-juice flavour without looking for a brand to release it. MasterVapor Concentrate flavours are unique yet amazing to use as concentrates.

From berry treat, berry crunch, black ice, cranberry, and cream to cin city, there is an extensive range of concentrate flavours to choose from. Apart from their delicious flavours, they are available in the online vape UK market at cost-effective prices.

So that?s all about One shot concentrates and the top concentrates available in the market. You can likewise visit, our vape store UK and find more about the different products available and read some really interesting facts and figures about vaping.

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