Top 10 Vape Tanks of 2018 So Far- Best RTAs, RDAs, And Sub-Ohm Tanks

With numbers of vape tanks on the UK vape market, it is a daunting task to find the best vape tank. There are several factors- including resistance, e-liquid capacity, clouds, and affordability- which differentiate vape tanks from each other.

A user can choose his vape tank considering the style and tank performance. However, here are the top vape tanks– RTAs, RDAs, and Sub-ohm tanks- of 2018 based on their ease to use, e-liquid capacity, cloud formation, and value.

  • Aspire Cleito Pro Tank

Aspire introduces its newest vape tank for the fans of sub-ohm vaping. Featuring a 0.5ohm coil, Aspire Cleito Pro Tank is capable of taking your vape game to a whole new level. The sub-ohm tank features an e-liquid tank with a 2ml liquid capacity which further can be extended with a 4.2ml Bubble Glass (Fatboy). It is one of the best sub ohm tanks right now on the UK vape market.

Top three features of Aspire Cleito Pro Tank are:

      • Multiple colour options and compact size
      • Favourable for sub-ohm vaping
      • 304 stainless steel as a construction material
  • Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank

Aspire is ruling the chart of top 10 vape tanks of 2018 so far with its one more device! Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank is modern, charming, and easy to use. Apart from an attractive design, the vape tank is getting popularity due to its top-notch performance. It features a 2ml e-liquid tank with a top filling option.

Top three features of Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank are:

      • Leak resistant structure
      • Compact design, adjustable airflow
      • Spare 0.7ohm Nautilus BVC coil
  • Augvape iNtake RTA

Augvape iNtake RTA is a top-fill and rebuildable atomiser with lots of attractive features. The single coil RTA has top dual slots for airflow. The vape tank has been designed in a manner that a vape user gets the best vape performance with leak resistant.

Top three features of Augvape iNtake RTA are:

      • Single coil design
      • Fully closeable
      • Two post single terminal build deck
  • GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA

Living true to its name, the upgraded dual RTA by GeekVape supports single and dual coil. Top airflow leak-proof design and excellent flavour production make it one of the most reliable RTAs of 2018. GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA is little taller and bigger than its predecessor, but the RTA vape tank is easy to carry.

Top three features of GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA are:

      • Top airflow leak-proof design
      • Dual coil
      • Compatible with 810 and 510 drip tips
  • HellVape Drop Dead RDA

A vape kit of a vape user deserves this charming and high-performance rebuildable masterpiece by HellVape. HellVape Drop Dead RDA features a big e-juice tank for enormous cloud production for a long time. Available in many colours, the RDA is one of the best-selling RDAs of 2018 so far.

Top three features of HellVape Drop Dead RDA are:

      • Compact size, 24m diameter
      • Dual side airflow control
      • Stainless steel as a construction material
  • HorizonTech Falcon Subohm Tank

If you are looking for the best sub-ohm tank of 2018 in the UK, then this is the device for you. With 25mm diameter, HorizonTech Falcon Subohm Tank is a charming vape tank from top to bottom. It has a top fill design and a 2ml refillable e-juice tank to make big vape cloud.

Top three features of HorizonTech Falcon Subohm Tank are:

      • Triple adjustable bottom airflow control
      • Stainless steel for construction
      • Smooth airflow
  • Innokin Scion II Tank

It’s an updated Scion vape tank with more interesting features and improvements than the previous Scion device. In addition to aesthetics, its most attractive features include adjustable airflow control and functionality. It’s among the most popular 24mm vape mods currently in the best shop in the UK.

Top three features of Innokin Scion II Tank are:

      • Parts interchangeability
      • Adjustable airflow
      • E-liquid tank with 2ml juice capacity
  • Wotofo Recurve RDA 24mm

The RDA atomiser is a beautiful collaboration between Wotofo and Mike Vapes. The 24mm vape hardware is different from many vape tanks in the vape market of the UK. In addition to 22mm build deck, the vape tank is compatible with 810 and 510 drip tips.

Top three features of Wotofo Recurve RDA 24mm are:

      • 35mm height and 24mm diameter
      • Honeycomb airflow design
      • Easy to build single coil configuration
  • Wake Mod Co Wake RTA

The RTA vape mod by Wake Mod Co is a classic vape tank with a rebuildable tank system, which is user-friendly in many ways. Apart from elegance, the RTA device comes with a lot of attractive features, including postless deck design, adjustable airflow, and top-fill ability. Top three features of Wake Mod Co Wake RTA are:

      • 24mm diameter
      • Top-fill
      • Stainless steel construction
  • GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA

A great mouth to lung RDA, GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA is a compact device with an amazing three-dimensional airflow system. The vape tank features 12 airflow adjustment options to suit the demands of all vape users.

Top three features of GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA are:

      • Dual-layer chamber
      • Leak-proof design
      • Stainless Steel construction

Explained! Types Of Vape Tanks In 2018

The world of vaping is becoming bigger with each passing day. Including vape tanks, vape hardware in the market comes in many types. Although vape tanks on the UK’s vape market are countless in numbers, they fall into two categories:

1. Mouth-to-lung vape tanks 2. Direct-lung vape tanks

Mouth-to-lung vape tanks, also known as MTL tanks, are electronic devices that let a user taste the experience of a cigarette. They are not suitable devices for massive cloud production. It is believed that MTL vape tanks are only for beginners, but they are also popular among experienced vapers for their mouth-to-lung vaping.

Direct-lung vape tanks also referred to as DL tanks, are sub-ohm devices suitable for big clouds. These vape tanks feature coil resistance less than 1 ohm.

There are also rebuildable vape tanks, which are known as RTAs or rebuildable tanks. They feature a deck to install the coils. An RTA device is suitable for MTL and DL vaping.

Final Words

The world of vaping is changing rapidly. Vape brands are improving their devices and introducing new vape hardware to enhance a user’s vape experience. Choose the best vape tank and take your vape game to the next level.

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