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Is Vaping Good Or Bad For Your Teeth? Here’s Vaping Guide To Enlighten You

Vaping and oral health is a long-standing tricky debate that keeps on receiving mixed reviews from experts as well as amateurs. There is a confusion among people about its use and aftereffects on teeth. Many could not reach a conclusion as there aren’t sufficient proofs to showcase that vaping is bad for health. On the other side, there is no vaping guide confidentially claiming that vaping doesn’t pose any threat to teeth. To understand if vaping is good or bad for the teeth, it is necessary to explore about vaping,... Read More

Beginners Guide: How to Fill a Vape Tank with E Liquid (Step by Step)

Vapers love seeing the clouds of flavoured e-liquids. When that fills the thin stick of the machine and then seen blown out from the mouth, filling the air with dense cloud and watched as it melts into the atmosphere; the entire sight is more than euphoric. The flavour makes things even better. But finally, when you begin to feel the cloud die down, it?s time for you to fill the vape tank. It?s not that complicated of a process. So let?s take it step by step. Disassemble the tank: The... Read More

Sub Ohm Vaping: What is it? Its Pros and Cons

Do you remember the first time you put a vape device in your mouth to inhale e-cigarette for the first time? When exhaled, you saw a thin vapour line which made you wonder if vaping really is about juicy flavours and thick clouds. First-time vaping wasn’t as easy as buying those dangerous tobacco cigarettes from a local store; was it? You made extra efforts but still got a thin vapour stream. If a little cloud isn’t your thing, then it’s the right time to enter the realm of sub ohm... Read More

Things You Need to Know While Traveling with your Vape Gear

If you are a vaping lover, you must be well aware that how hard it is to spend time when you have a great urge to vape but the circumstances don’t let you do that. As the vaping rules vary from state to state and country to country, you also need to change your habits as per the rules of the place you are visiting, regardless you would be there for a long term or just for the vacations. However, it is not only about vaping on the particular place,... Read More

Vaping Guidelines- Make Sure You Are Vaping Correctly and Safely

If you are new to vaping, chances are there that your first experience would have disappointed you. Well, you don’t need to worry as it happens with most of the people and the biggest reason is when they switch from smoking to vaping, they forget that both are different. But it happens only in the beginning; vaping takes a little adapting. By focusing on the right ways of vaping, you can get adapted to it soon. For your convenience, here are the guidelines to vaping properly:- Remind yourself that you... Read More