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Safe Vaping Explained! Ohm’s Law Assures Vape Safety

Is vaping safe? The question has been garnering headlines since the first modern e-cigarette was introduced during the mid-2000s. Although nothing is completely safe and everything comes with some risks, vaping is much safer than traditional cigarettes. It is found to be around 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Safety in vaping depends on the device’s usage. If an e-cigarette is used keeping instructions in mind, then it is a reliable and enjoyable device. On the other side, unnecessary experiments with it lead to unwanted circumstances, even when you have... Read More


Myths About E-cigarettes Debunked

Every year, many e-cigarette events are hosted across the United Kingdom allowing people to dig deeper into the world of vaping and reach its unexplored territories. The modern e-cigarette is the brainchild of Hon Lik in China who introduced the device in the mid-2000s. But its roots are as old as British Broadcasting Company. In 1927, Joseph Robinson thought about an electronic device for smoking, which is modern world’s e-cigarette. Today, the UK houses the best e-cig shop and many other vape product manufacturers that enhance the vaping experience of... Read More

Is Vaping Good Or Bad For Your Teeth? Here’s Vaping Guide To Enlighten You

Vaping and oral health is a long-standing tricky debate that keeps on receiving mixed reviews from experts as well as amateurs. There is a confusion among people about its use and aftereffects on teeth. Many could not reach a conclusion as there aren’t sufficient proofs to showcase that vaping is bad for health. On the other side, there is no vaping guide confidentially claiming that vaping doesn’t pose any threat to teeth. To understand if vaping is good or bad for the teeth, it is necessary to explore about vaping,... Read More