Quit Smoking Campaign: Start Vaping This Stoptober

Do you want to quit smoking or want to support someone you love in giving up cigarettes and want them to live a better life? If yes, then Stoptober is the best time to give up.

Stoptober is a Public Health England campaign which helps smokers to give up Cigarettes for twenty-eight days during the month of October. According to one survey, around eight million of adults in England smoke cigarettes with more than 79,000 deaths every year just because of smoking-related health problems.

Stoptober started on 1 October

1st October is the official start date of Stoptober campaign. However, you can also start gearing yourself up for the smoke-free challenge early also. Join this campaign along with 150,000 people across England who are hoping to quit their smoking habit in the month of October.

Is Stoptober helpful in quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking for 28 days during Stoptober make people stronger and generate a willpower among them to quit smoking permanently.

How E-cigarettes helpful in quitting smoking?

If you are addicted of smoking then choose E-cigarettes as an alternative of smoking. An e-cigarette is a battery-operated device shaped like the cigarette and it does not contain tobacco. As compared to traditional cigarettes, they are not harmful to health. E-Cigarettes do not produce carbon monoxide or tar, which are the two most dangerous elements of cigarette smoke.

Safe Ingredients of E-cigarettes-

Vaping E-cigarettes has grown significantly in recent years, with more and more people exploring e-cigarettes as the best alternative to traditionally used cigarettes. E-cigarettes are safe to use because e liquids which are used to vape e-cigarettes are four safe ingredients such as nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), water, and vegetable glycerin (VG). All these ingredients are quite safe to use as compared to those ingredients which are used in traditional cigarettes.

According to FDA and World Health Organization, propylene glycol is ?Generally Recognized as Safe? for use in household, food, and skincare products. Vegetable glycerine is also found in various products which we use on a daily basis, like toothpastes, bakery items, and medications.

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