PG vs VG: How Are They Different, What’s Right PG/VG Ratio

Excellent e-juice gives you smooth and tasty vaping experience. Although there are hundreds of e-liquid flavours in the UK, they fall under two major categories: PG (Propylene Glycol) and Vegetable Glycerin. The PG vs VG can create some confusion among newbies, but knowing it can make vaping more flavorsome than ever.

Here, we will discuss PG and VG, the difference between them, and what ratio is ideal for you to use.

PG and VG: What Are They?

As per their definition in the vaping world, PG and VG are odourless fluids from the alcohol chemical class. You can find them in many products that we consume daily. In vaping, the liquids are used to create e-juices. They are combined with nicotine and a flavour to make a juicy e-liquid.

Some more facts about PG and VG in vaping include:

  • The liquids have different taste and consistency.
  • A combination of the two liquids can be found in most of the current e-liquids, including European e-liquid and American e-liquid in the UK.
  • Mouth and throat sensations are different in PG and VG.

What Is PG?

Propylene Glycol, or simply PG, is a colourless and odourless liquid. In vaping, it is used as a suspension fluid to make e-liquid flavour concentrates. Apart from vaping, the liquid is used as an additive in many daily-use products, such as toothpastes, beauty & hygiene products, and various medical items.

What’s important about PG in vaping? Is it safe?

In many food products, PG is considered safe to add. There are some studies- including a 1947 research- which find PG as a harmless fluid to inhale. It is also recognized as a safe liquid in the vaping industry. Although some people may have irritation in throat or unpleasant reactions due to the high level of PG in their e-juice, the cases are rare.

If you experience an issue due to Propylene Glycol, you should choose e-liquids high in Vegetable Glycerin.

What Is VG?

Vegetable Glycerin, glycerol, or simply VG, is an odorless fluid produced from different types of plants. Generally, it is used in bakery, beauty products, medical, and dental care items. Like PG, it is used in e-liquids to enhance the vaping experience of a user. It is used to provide thick sensation while vaping. As compared to PG, the VG liquid is sweeter, thicker, and smoother. While looking for ideal e-liquids for sub-ohm vaping, the best vape shop in the UK will advise you to buy e-juices with high levels of VG.

What’s important about VG in vaping? Is it safe?

Like PG, Vegetable Glycerin is recognized as a safe fluid to inhale. The results of a research in 2008 on VG showed it as a liquid with minimal risks. As the liquid is produced from vegetable oils, there are low risks associated with it being allergic in vaping.

You may have a problem with high concentration of VG in an e-liquid if you are allergic to coconut oil. In such a case, you can switch to e-juices with high-level of PG. Although the liquid is known for thickness in vaping, it also puts an impact on the vapour box. When you use e-liquids with more VG concentration than PG for a long time, coils’ performance gets decreased and atomizers start working slow.

What’s The Right PG/VG Ratio In Vaping

The ideal PG/VG ration depends on certain factors, including the performance you expect from your e-liquid. Different PG/VG level can be chosen for different purposes, some of which are:

    • Clouds: Are you happy with the current clouds your device is producing or you want them to be bigger? If thicker clouds are your game, then high VG is the right option for you.

  • Throat Hit: Do you crave for a sharp throat hit? Then, go for high PG. E-liquids with high levels of PG give a better throat kick than VG e-liquids.

  • Secret Vaping: This is not for cloud-chasers. Those who want to enjoy vaping while traveling or at places where it is prohibited should choose e-juices with high PG.

  • Smooth Feeling: If you want smooth vape experience, high VG fluids will work for you. They produce more vapour and give a smooth feel to your throat.

In The End

In vaping, PG and VG are different from each other in many ways. They have their own traits to enhance your vaping experience. Our suggestion for beginners is that while going through different e-liquid flavours in the UK, choose juices with 50-50 PG to VG ratio. With the time, you can try different concentrations of PG and VG to gratify your taste buds.

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