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New Vaping Blog

New Vaping Blog

Hello and Welcome to the?shiny?new Vapour Depot blog!?

New Vaping Blog: As this is the very first entry we felt it was best you get to know us and what we do!

We are a UK electronic cigarette company based in Stockton-on-Tees started in June 2013 by three friends who found e-cigarettes helped stop our cravings.

We simply want to provide our products at an affordable price, whilst continuing to be transparent about the way we carry out business.

We could tell you that our labels are applied by (and occasionally to) the thighs of virgins or that all our products come with the blessing of whichever deity you believe (or don’t believe) in but that would be pointless and frankly tell you very little about what we do. What we can guarantee is that that all of our eLiquid products are sourced in the UK, USA or EU and only use the highest quality USP/ESP grade ingredients so we feel comfortable that they reach the safety standards that are important to everyone who uses our products (including us!).

As a UK vaping company we are registered with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) and are members of the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) we actively work with them to fight for your right to choose from a wide selection of vaping products. We are currently in the process of ensuring that all of our vaping products will be Tobacco Products Directive safe so you will be able to find what works best for you legally!

So with that in mind you may be asking yourself “why are you writing a new vaping blog?” or more importantly “why should I bother reading it?” “or even if you’re me “where on earth have I put my coffee?” well the simple answer is that this isn’t your usual blog loaded with advertising, fluff and generally the things that I cut out when reading… well pretty much anything… (oh… my coffee is in the kitchen where I left it).

With this new vaping blog we want to provide you with some insight into what is going on in the vaping industry and what it means for you. We are aiming to give you information to help you find what works for you however you like to vape whether you are just starting to look for information on vaping and electronic cigarettes or like us have developed a serious case of shiny-itus and want to play with every RDA, RDTA, RTA, Clearomiser or Mod on the market!

This will also give you tips and guides for safe use of electronic cigarettes so your shiny new (or in my case beaten within an inch of its life) gear will work its best and generally make your vaping experience as effective as possible!

So really if you’ve gotten this far this blog is being written to help you!

That’s enough of my rambling, next week we will be exploring How do e-cigs work and how to get started!

If you have any ideas, tips, tricks or news you would like to see here contact me at


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