Myths About E-cigarettes Debunked

Every year, many e-cigarette events are hosted across the United Kingdom allowing people to dig deeper into the world of vaping and reach its unexplored territories. The modern e-cigarette is the brainchild of Hon Lik in China who introduced the device in the mid-2000s. But its roots are as old as British Broadcasting Company. In 1927, Joseph Robinson thought about an electronic device for smoking, which is modern world’s e-cigarette. Today, the UK houses the best e-cig shop and many other vape product manufacturers that enhance the vaping experience of the electronic device’s admirers.

Battery-powered devices, e-cigarettes use technology to heat flavored e-juices and convert them into vapour. In many recent studies, these electronic cigarettes are found to be safer and healthier than their traditional counterparts. Due to such reasons, their popularity is growing rapidly, and many smokers around the world are switching to vaping.

However, several confusing headlines on e-cigarettes still linger in the vape world. Some of them are true, and some aren’t. We have busted some ecig myths that currently are making it difficult for individuals to decide whether they should vape or not.

Myth 1: Vaping Is Just As Bad As Smoking

At a time when admirers of vaping are searching for the best vape shop UK, people against it find e-cigarettes identical to its counterpart. E-cig may look like an upgraded version of traditional smoking but it’s quite different.

Truth: Traditional cigarettes contain addictive nicotine and several other harmful chemicals that lead to deadly health conditions. On the other side, vaping doesn’t include them and is a safer smoking option.

Myth 2: Vaping Is A Gateway To Smoking

When the battery-powered devices were first introduced, there was a fear that it may lead teens to smoke cigarettes.

Truth: As per a Public Health England report, there’s no proof supporting the claim that vaping is a gateway to smoking. In fact, young people attracted towards e-cigarettes like to stay with the devices, instead of moving towards traditional cigarettes.

Myth 3: E-cigarette Vapour Is Harmful To Others

It is believed that an e-cigarette harms others, similar to passive smoking. There are people against the electronic device who think vaping can lead to health conditions caused by passive smoking.

Truth: An e-cigarette comes with a vape box mod where a flavored juice heats up and gets converted into vapour. Like traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not contain harmful carbon monoxide and toxins tar that is the main cause of serious health conditions.

Myth 4: E-Cigarette Explodes

Earlier, an e-cigarette exploded in the US and killed a man. The incident puts a big question mark on the safety of the devices and brought back the claims that circulate around e-cigarette explosion.

Truth: As per vape UK surveys, e-cigarette explodes when the device is not handled as instructed. In the reported device cases, either the users were using faulty batteries or were experimenting with it.

Myth 5: All e-cigarettes contain nicotine

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and people against vaping believe all e-cigarettes contain it.

Truth: Although there are e-cigarettes that contain nicotine, people also have an option to choose the best vape e-liquid for nicotine-free vaping.


Vaping is a safer smoking option than traditional cigarettes, which kill thousands of people across the UK. Electronic cigarettes may be a form of smoking and there are many vaping myths that will stay for many years, but the devices aren’t as harmful as their counterpart.

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