How to Make DIY E-Juice: Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Vape Juice

E-juices are delicious! Available in hundreds of rich flavours, e-juices make vaping exciting and flavoursome. Apart from that, they are easily available in the UK vape market. The only drawback of e-juices, which are also referred to as e-liquids, is their high cost. Not everyone can afford a big bottle of expensive e-liquid brands.

Sometimes, vape users have unique e-juice requirements. They do not find an e-liquid flavour with the desired nicotine level. Even when shopping from the best vape shop in the UK, some users leave empty-handed. All these vape lovers have a solution to their problem: DIY vape juice.

DIY Vape Juice: What Is It?

As per the simplest definition, a DIY vape juice is a user’s own e-liquid. It includes a combination of flavour concentrates, nicotine, and a PG/VG ratio. A user can mix them as per the choice. For example, you don’t require nicotine if you want to make a nicotine-free vape juice.

The idea of DIY seems overwhelming. Isn’t it? To your surprise, it is also easy. To make your own DIY vape juice, you don’t need to be an expert. If you ever have made a cocktail in your life, you can make your own e-liquid.

How Do You Make DIY Vape Juice?

Before start mixing your ingredients, you need to understand the different ways of making a vape juice of your choice. There are two ways to make DIY vape juice:

  1. By Weight
  2. By Volume

When you choose to create your own e-liquid by mixing ingredients considering their weight, it is necessary to take their specific gravity into consideration. You need to create the right balance to make an e-juice that meets your requirements.

On the other side, each ingredient’s volume is considered while making vape juice by volume. Their volume can be different from each other, depending on your preferences.

Which is the best way to make DIY vape juice? Mixing ingredients by weight is an easier and more accurate way than mixing by volume.

What Do You Need To Make DIY Vape Juice?

Whichever method you follow to make your own e-liquid, you will need to collect some essential ingredients to create what you want. Make a list of ingredients you require:

  • Base Liquid: It is the most essential ingredient to prepare DIY vape juice. Base liquid is a mix of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Different e-juice brands have different PG/VG ratio. While preparing your own e-liquid, you can decide the ratio as per your choice.
  • Flavour Concentrates: This ingredient decides the taste of your e-juice. In the vape UK market, you will find countless eliquid flavour concentrates. You can choose the ones that you like.
  • E-juice Bottles: They come in different sizes, and you can use them to store the vape juice you have prepared.
  • Nicotine: It’s an optional ingredient. Nicotine can be excluded in case you don’t require it in your e-juice.
  • Gloves: Get a box of disposable gloves from your nearby pharmacy.
  • Syringes: Purchase some syringes (10-30 ml) to mix the ingredients.
  • Scale And Calculator: You need them to make sure that you are choosing the right amount of ingredients.

What Do You Need To Do After Making DIY Vape Juice?

Mixing all the ingredients and pouring the liquid into bottles aren’t the final steps to make DIY vape juice. There are many other things you need to do after making the juice.

  • Steeping: When you create your own e-liquid, your vape juice requires time to steep. It may take some weeks to reach their best. You can also use some methods to speed up the process of steeping.
  • Testing: After steeping, it’s the time to test your vape juice. Instead of using the e-liquid with a vape tank during the time of testing, use a high-quality atomiser.
  • Storage: Putting the prepared e-liquid in bottles isn’t sufficient. You need to store the bottles in the right place and in the right way. Make sure that your e-liquid is stored in a cool place. It should be away from direct sunlight, oxygen, and the heat.

What Are Some Cool DIY Vape Juice Tips And Tricks?

You can make your DIY vape juice-making procedure an interesting affair by following some tips and tricks. Here are they:

  • Do not hesitate to harness the power of the World Wide Web. Find some trustworthy resources to learn new DIY e-liquid recipes.
  • Do not use a large number of flavours. Overdosing may ruin the game.
  • Mix the right PG/VG ratio. Instead of maximum VG, make sure the base liquid has a 50:50 ratio of PG and VG.
  • Keep a notebook with you and note everything.
  • Test every flavour before testing them together.


Making a DIY vape juice is easy and complicated at the same time. It depends on a procedure you follow and resources you use. Take it as fun, and you may make an extraordinary e-juice.

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