Maintaining Vape Stuff

Maintaining Vape Stuff

Maintaining Vape Stuff:?Congratulations! You have been using your vape stuff for?a few weeks now and hopefully you are finding out just how effective alternative to smoking it really is!

Although you might of noticed that its been tasting a little strange recently, that’s because its time to do some maintenance! So here we go, this article is all about Maintaining Vape Stuff!

Why do I have do I maintain my mod/battery and tank?

Due to the way vaping works some residue can be left on your coil. The bad news is that this effects how your ecig tastes and will stop it working well. The good news is that it is really easy to maintain vape stuff! If you start noticing your vape tastes burnt, then it is time to pop the bonnet and check how it’s doing!

How do I do this?

To restore your tank to its former glory you just open your tank, unscrew the coil head and replace it with a fresh shiny new one! If you are feeling particularly adventurous or would like to change the flavour you are using then now can be a good opportunity to give it a good clean too! Just take apart the parts you can and run or soak in hot (not boiling!) water, leave it to dry, pop in your new coil head and you are good to go!

To clean your battery pack or mod is just as simple, leaks happen to everyone so its great to know how to stop your gear getting sticky! If you get juice on it, just wipe it over with some loo roll or a paper towel. If the connectors are looking a bit dirty or dull then use a cotton bud with some isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol on it to bring them back to the top of their game!

Wow, ummm that was easy?!

Yes, yes it was! That is your most basic maintenance for a starter kit, If you are now looking at something more technical then go for it! we will be looking at more advanced elements such as building your own coils and making your own liquids in future but for now that is all you really need to get started!

So what now?

What I can do is give you some tips and tricks to keep things running smoothly and Maintaining Vape Stuff.

Firstly some liquids will wear down coils faster then others, very sweet or heavy flavours are the main causes for this but that shouldn’t mean you cant enjoy them, you just have to change your coil head and clean your tank a little more often.

Make sure you drink plenty of water! Using an electronic cigarette will dehydrate you and as such you will need to drink more water.

Don’t worry about needing every new toy out on the market! you have something that hopefully works for you now, upgrading is good but you really don’t need all of the shiny new things (unless you are like me and have a serious case of shiny-itus!).

Your taste buds and sense of smell will return! This is a little strange to begin with but you figure it out pretty quickly. The food you like may change as you realise that the goat vindaloo you love from your local curry house actually might be a bit warmer than you thought and you discover that you can smell a cigarette around three kilometers away. Don’t worry about it, I found that things Ive hated like rice pudding, licorice and Jedward wern’t quite as bad as I remember (well not Jedward I still think they are tasteless but you get the point)

Don’t worry about vaping! If you smoked there you can vape and its getting more common to see people using mods than smokes, you may even find that there are more place that you can use your ecig than before but if you are inside do check with the owners or manager that you can vape there!

And finally, when great aunt Doris (twice removed) tells you about how bad vaping is for you don’t get angry, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but Public Health England seems to think its a damn sight better than smoking and if it keeps you of the cigarettes then its better than nothing!

That’s enough of my rambling, next time?we will be looking at more advanced gear and what you do with it!

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