Smoking vs Vaping: Is Vaping Better than Smoking for Your Health?

We already read hundreds of studies, research, reviews and vaper’s opinion on the famous internet debate “Is vaping better than smoking”. People have so many questions: Are e-cigs safe? Will they really make your lung condition worse?

Few studies have also warned vaping is as bad for your lungs and heart. There are, however, many strong scientific consensuses that vaping is one of the strong and safer alternatives for your quit smoking journey.

Let us collect few studies and reviews that show vaping is a good alternative for those who want to quit smoking.

1) Long-term vaping ‘far safer than smoking’ says ‘landmark’ study

“Vaping has been endorsed by health experts after the first long-term study of its effects in ex-smokers,” ITV News reports. Source: NHS UK

2) E-cigarettes have made a big contribution in quit smoking

A new Cancer Research UK-funded study shows that success rates for quitting smoking are at their highest level for a decade, and experts say e-cigarettes have made a big contribution. Source: The Sun UK

?More than half (53%) of those taking part in Stoptober last year used e-cigarettes as a quitting aid?. Cancer Research UK

3) Vaping Is Better Than Smoking, And Could Save Tobacco Users’ Lives

The best way for smokers to cut their risk of early death is to quit smoking, but new research indicates that if that fails, switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes could be a solid plan B. Source: Newsweek

4) Vaping and weight loss:

We certainly can?t say that vaping is a magical weight-loss secret. Researchers in New Zealand and the United Kingdom show that vaping help traditional smokers lose weight. This weight gain can be quite concerning if you are looking to quit smoking. Eating gives you something to do to take the place of discarded smoking habit whereas a vaporizer gives you a similar activity without all the extra calories. So, it better to vape rather than eating food and gaining extra calories. Source Vapour Depot

Check this thread on Reddit: Vaping helped me lose weight

5) Vaping and Asthma

Smokers with asthma may be able to improve their symptoms by switching to e-cigarettes. To understand the relationship between vaping and asthma, a team led by professor Riccardo Polosa recruited 18 asthma patients with a history of both tobacco and e-cig use. Source: white cloud electronic cigarettes

Spread the truth about vaping, and create supporters. Even though the vaping may have few risks, but the benefits of quitting smoking are so large.

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