Is Vaping Bad For You? Here?s What You Need To Know

In the last few years, many smokers have switched to vaping. Some of them say e-cigarettes helped them quit smoking, while the others found vaping healthier than their traditional cigarettes. The rising popularity of vaping has also given rise to a debate: Is vaping bad for you?

‘Is vape good or bad’ seems a simple question. However, it is a matter of debate since the introduction of the first e-cigarette. To get an answer to the question, it is important to understand vaping, vape mods, vaping vs smoking, and many other concepts related to vaping.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is a process of smoking e-cigarettes. In the world of vaping, the battery-powered devices are also known as e-cigs, electronic cigarettes, vape pens and vaporiser cigarettes. The electronic devices are used to inhale nicotine or non-nicotine solutions. E-cigarettes are electronic nicotine delivery devices that people use to emit nicotine or non-nicotine solutions.

Today, there are hundreds of e-cigarette brands that sell vaping devices, e-liquids, and several types of accessories. Whether an individual is looking for the best RDA, the best vape juice 2018, or tips on vaping safety, there are countless online and offline resources to guide.

How Does An E-cigarette Work?

First introduced in 2004, electronic cigarettes have become a trend in the modern world. An e-cigarette consists of a cartridge, a rechargeable battery, electronic circuits, and vape juice.

When a user inhales the e-liquid present in the vape tank, a sensor inside the device activates a heating element to convert the e-juice into a vaporised element. The device features a rechargeable battery to power the entire system.

How Is Vaping Different From Smoking?

Contrary to smoking, vaping is relatively a newer and safer trend. Most of the current vape users were chain-smokers in the past. According to many of them, they switched to e-cigarettes because the electronic devices are more cost-effective and beneficial for their health than tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping doesn’t include harmful chemicals, which are usually found in traditional cigarettes. Many past studies have linked smoking with many kinds of deadly diseases. On the other side, vaping is considered a safe practice.

Vaping And Health: Is Vaping Bad?

People against vaping claim the practice to be as harmful as smoking. However, many studies have declared e-cigarettes harmless devices to use. Some of them even announced vaping to be 95 safer than cigarette smoking. According to a report by Public Health England, risks of cancer by vaping are 200% lesser than smoking.

Almost all e-liquids include a balanced blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). The mix does not include harmful ingredients, which are present in tobacco cigarettes. Although some vape juices contain nicotine, the substance doesn’t cause dangerous health conditions when taken in a controlled amount. Apart from that, a user has an option to buy a nicotine-free e-juice.

A UK user can further decrease the possibilities of developing a disease because of vaping by getting the best RDA and the best e-liquid from the best vape shop in the UK.

What Are Pros And Cons of Vaping?

Like everything in the world, vaping has its share of pros and cons. Vaping experts have tried taking an honest approach to finding pros and cons related to e-cigarettes.


Vaping doesn’t include harmful substances usually found in tobacco cigarettes. These ingredients cause diseases like lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, and several other deadly conditions.

  • Vaping does not cause bad odour.
  • There is nothing called second-hand vaping.
  • Users can get a variety of e-juices and RDAs to experience more of vaping.
  • Vaping is a one-time investment. It is cheaper than cigarettes and users do not have to buy vape devices on a regular basis.
  • Users have many kinds of RDAs and RTAs to improve their vape game.


  • Many flavoured e-juices contain nicotine, which is considered as a highly-addictive substance. However, users also have an option of nicotine-free e-liquid.
  • Beginners cannot effectively use advanced vape devices. They have an option to choose vape beginners’ kit.
  • Some people can have allergies to PG or VG. Almost all e-juices contain a blend of PG and VG.
  • Vaping has side effects like dry mouth, headache, and yellow teeth. Users have to drink water at regular intervals and rinse after vaping for hours.

Conclusion: Vape Or Not To Vape?

Let’s come back to the question: Whether an individual should start vaping or stick to smoking? You have read vaping to be a harmless practice of inhaling e-liquids. Although vaping is a new term, there is no evidence to prove vaping bad for a user.

Vaping is much safer than smoking. To make it more beneficial, a user should buy the best vape mods and the best e-juice of 2018 in the UK from the best vape shop.

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