Electronic Cigarette Safety: Ways to Make Vaping As Safe As Possible

An electronic cigarette is a recent development of technology which is used as an alternative for traditionally used tobacco cigarettes. They are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

Awareness of these devices among people in last few years has exponentially grown. More than 2 Million of people are currently vaping in UK. It is also important to note that positive health benefits are noticed in smokers who switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

Are you a user of an electronic cigarette and looking for different ways to make the vaping experience safer? If so, then go through these below mentioned important guidelines for electronic cigarette safety.

1. Use E-cigarettes with temperature control mode functionality

Due to advancement in technology, different types of Electronic cigarette devices are constructed these days. Temperature control vaping is a perfect example of how improvements in technology are helpful in reducing potential risks.

Before the launch of Temperature control mods in e-cigarettes, it has been noted that higher temperature inside e-cigarettes led to more chemical reactions. It means that unpleasant chemicals were formed in it. But, after the launch of temperature control mods in E-cigarettes this problem is solved. When the temperature of the coil reaches your chosen limit particular device reduces the power until the temperature drops. So, if you want to be safe then always make sure to buy Electronic cigarettes build up with temperature control mods functionality.

2. Avoid acetyl propionyl and diacetyl

As we know, diacetyl damages the lungs, therefore, it is recommended to not use Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl in large amount.

It is important to note that Acetyl Propionyl and diacetyl are used for improving the Eliquid flavors. For making the smoking experience better, these chemicals are used. Cigarettes contain hundreds of times more diacetyl than e-liquids, so vaping is clearly a safer option.

However, if you want to minimize the risk of vaping these chemicals, then choose diacetyl- free e-juices. These days, it is quite easy to find diacetyl-free e-juices because many Juice manufacturer companies recognized the risk and ensure their flavors are diacetyl-free.

3.Do not dry-burn your coils

Dry burning a coil is when you press fire without a wick inserted in the coil and with no e-liquid. People usually dry-burn coils to compress the coils for a contact coil, to check them for an even temperature distribution, and to clean residue present in the device.

When you dry burn the coil, temperature increases which affect the structure of the metal. It is recommended by experts that, if you want to be as safe as you can, it?s sensible to avoid dry burning coils.

4.Stop cloud-chasing

If you will inhale more vapor then you will have to face more health problems. Therefore, along with aiming for fewer puffs per day, reducing the amount of vapor you inhale with each puff is another way to keep vaping as safe as possible.

Wisps are safer than clouds. So, go for wisps rather than making vape clouds.

5.Vape Unflavored Juice

Flavours are responsible for making the vaping experience enjoyable. But, they are also harmful if you mix them by yourself or vape un flavored juices. Therefore, make sure to buy your E-liquid from a reputable brand which will increase your vaping experience and avoid harmful side effects caused by it.

6.While vaping do not inhale

If you want to be safe from future health problems then do not inhale while vaping. Unlike smoking, nicotine in vapor is primarily absorbed through your mouth and upper throat rather than lungs. That?s why there is a rise in blood nicotine level after vaping is more. Therefore, it is recommended to not inhale while vaping.

7.Use only manufacturer?s provided charger

If you want to make your vaping experience safe then always choose manufacturer made charger. Do not risk your safety by using generic chargers. A large number of duplicate chargers are available in the market, therefore, stop using the duplicate charger of a vaping device.

8.Avoid charging your device overnight

If you want to your device battery safe, Never leave your device charging for the whole night. It is important to note that there are few cases happened previously in which E-cigarette device exploded when charged overnight. Avoid charging your device overnight.

9. Buy your vaping device from a reputable supplier

Never buy poorly manufactured and low-cost device. Always buy your vaping supplies from a reputable manufacturing brand. For ensuring your safety make sure to order your device from a good brand.

10. Battery safety

A battery is the most important part in the electronic cigarette device. Make sure that your battery is working fine if you want good vaping results and want to be safe. Read vape battery safety tips in detail.

Do not disassemble or modify your battery as the materials inside may be toxic when they come into contact with skin. It is also a precautionary measure to never put your e-cigarette in your pocket as lint can easily penetrate through the small openings and cause the switch to malfunction. Heat causes lithium-ion battery packs to degrade much faster, therefore, you must also keep your device away from heat.

Make vaping safer by going through all these above-mentioned safety measures. As we know, vaping is safer than smoking. So, if you want to quit traditional tobacco smoking habit then go for Electronic cigarettes.

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