Does e Cigarette Affect Sex Life? All The Truth Is Out!

Have you ever come across old movies featuring couples smoking after sex? Many do that in real. It’s like the leftover of a favorite dish that you are having in the breakfast. You know it’s not good for your health, but it’s a favorite food too.

Why is smoking after sex satisfactory? Can e cigarette replace this traditional cigarette phenomenon? How does vaping affect sex life?

    Why Cigarette After Sex?

    To understand this, a study was conducted where participants, who were regular smokers, were asked about their habits of smoking after sex. On an average, 8 out of 10 people said that they crave for a cigarette after having sex. More than half of the participants said they find it the perfect time to light a cigarette.

    The study researchers found that people had more than one reason to smoke after sex. Some find it relaxing, while it gives a light buzz to others. There were some participants in the study who said smoking session after sex provides them with a moment where they think of what just happened.

  • How Does Smoking Affect Sexual Health?
  • Smoking cigarettes put human body on increased risks of contracting several dangerous diseases. In the recent times, several studies were conducted to know how traditional cigarette affects sexual health.

    A healthy sex life requires good blood circulation, while nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes contract blood vessels and put a negative impact on the blood flow inside the human body. In addition, it also leads to a significant reduction in erectile capacity.

    It can screw your sex life in many other ways, including:How Does Smoking Affect Sexual Health

    1. Decreased average time in ejaculation
    2. Lost interest in sex
    3. Reduced flow of blood to genitals
    4. Early menopause, menstrual irregularities and decreased chances of becoming a mother
    5. Lost stamina

Can Traditional Cigarettes Be Replaced With e Cigarettes?

Undoubtedly, Vaping is a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes. It doesn’t cause dangerous diseases and saves a lot of money of a smoker. In addition, there are many renowned e cigarette brands that have been taking necessary measures to ensure vaping becomes healthier for users. But can it replace traditional cigarette and become an appropriate smoking option for a healthy sex life? Does it have that power to gratify the nicotine need after sex?

Vaping is the newest form of smoking that has been declared healthier than traditional cigarettes by many studies. Many of these suggested that e cigarettes do not affect the body’s blood circulation like traditional cigarettes. In addition, vaping isn’t addictive.

There are many types of flavoursome eliquids that add adventure to your sex life. A juicy puff can spice up things between you and your partner. E-cigarette makers claim that their devices do not dwindle a user’s sex life.

    Vaping And Sex: What Does Science Say?

    Many of researchers working to understand the link between e cigarettes and sexual health say that vaping is still a new thing and it’s early to conclude if vaping doesn’t affect one’s sex life. But there are some medical researches suggesting that e cigarettes aren’t as harmful to sexual health as traditional cigarettes are. In fact, there are some studies whose results say that vaping leads to a healthy sex life.

    According to researchers of these studies, they noticed an increased desire for sexual activities in people who switched from tobacco cigarettes to vaping.

  • How Does Vaping Boost Your Sex Life?
  • The studies favoring vaping over traditional cigarettes for a boosted sexual health highlighted some benefits that participants experienced after switching from cigarette smoking to vaping. Here’s how vaping can improve sex life:

    1. Improved Stamina: Tobacco smoking results in a decrease in stamina. But people can increase it by ditching those olden-day cigarettes and move to vaping. As e cigarettes do not contain harmful chemicals like its counterpart, it doesn’t affect the amount of oxygen in the blood. In fact, the device reduces the amount of chemical in the body to zero, which in turn helps you perform longer in the bedroom.
    2. Improved Physical Sensations: As per the studies’ results, people who stopped smoking and switched to vape noticed an increase in their sense of taste. The participants started enjoying their foods and found them tastier than ever, the studies added. They didn’t smell like an ashtray, which made their partners more sexually interested in them.
    3. Increased Energy: A high amount of nicotine in tobacco cigarettes makes a smoker feel overtired all the time. It happens because the nicotine puts a bad impact on lungs and heart. On the other side, vaping doesn’t pose negative effects on the body. It makes former smokers feel energized throughout the day. When an individual is energized, it is easy to be in a mood.

Is Vaping After Sex Really A Thing?

If the studies’ results are considered, vaping isn’t just a safe alternative to traditional smoking but it also improves your sexual life. It is popular, satisfying, and not as addictive as its counterpart. In addition, it makes you smell good and adds a new charm to your sex life. So, you can start your search for the best ecig shop UK today.

What’s Your Take?

If you are a chain-smoker and struggling with your sex life, today is the right time to switch to e cigarette and make a notable difference. If you are currently a vape user, then you must have noticed its good impacts on health. Happy vaping!

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