Things You Need to Know About Cloud Chasing and Vaping Competitions UK

No matter for how long, if you have been vaping, you would definitely have heard the term ?cloud chasing? and “Vaping Competitions UK”. The vaping phenomenon is gaining popularity in the UK since the last year and now, has become one of the biggest vaping trends of 2017.

However, for some, cloud chasing has become an intimidating side of vaping because it is accessible to only those who have high budgets for vaping (i.e. who can spend on the different vaping equipment) and who have a great vaping experience and knowledge. Though there is no doubt that most of the cloud chasers are the experienced vapers, it doesn’t mean that cloud chasing is something that new customers cannot go for.

So, what actually is cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing is one of the many vaping competitions, in which the main challenge is to create the densest and the biggest vapor cloud. It’s a lot of fun for those who are well experienced with vaping.

Starting with cloud chasing?

Are you thinking of taking part in cloud chasing? If yes, you must consider some things to be on the safe side. So, here are some of those things:

  • You should learn the science behind cloud chasing and for that, you can speak to an experienced cloud chaser.

  • There comes dedicated vaping equipment that helps to create thick clouds of vapors. You need to spend on that equipment and should be aware of their safe use.

  • The vaping abilities also depend on the e-liquids you use. Usually, the high VG liquids are known for producing thick and large clouds but they lack in the flavor. In contrast, the high PG liquids offer unmatched flavors but they don’t have high vapor producing abilities. So, you need to chose what you prefer more- clouds or flavor.

  • Also, it is recommended to do vape cloud chasing at a competition or at your home; it’s not something to do at public places.

Generally, cloud chasing is done in various competitions that are a part of the vaping events. Nowadays, vaping competitions are common all over the world and the prizes are also lucrative. However, the classes and the entry requirements vary from competition to competition; in some classes, vapers require to stand back to back while cloud chasing so that the clouds can be easily compared, while in some classes, the main focus is on the routines and tricks.

Some Cloud Chasing Competitions of UK

  • UK Vapefest

    The UK Vapefest, one of the major vaping competitions?UK, is going to be organized on August 5th and 6th, 2017 at the Greenhouse West Mid Showground that is in the heart of Shropshire. The entry tickets for the fest are available; book before it gets late.

  • The Vaper Expo

    The show is organized in NEC, Birmingham and is recognized as the most important vaping event. It is a must-attend event for the manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and vapers. The latest edition of the show had been organized in May 2017.

  • Vape Jam

    The Vape Jam is also one of the biggest vaping UK competitions and its edition for 2017 was organized in April 2017. The three days vaping fest attracts a number of participants from all over the UK.

There are many other vaping events where cloud chasers can expose their talent and win attractive prizes. Once you begin with cloud chasing, you will get to know about all such events taking place near you.

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