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Vaping Vs Smoking: Battle Between Two Evils Or One Among Them Is Good

An argument is a vital part of the mature society. Turn on a news channel, pick up a newspaper, or log in to social media, you will notice people arguing over some issues. Every day, there is a new one. One battle which has been grabbing headlines for the last few years is vaping versus smoking. Many call it a battle between two evils. Many health experts and studies in the past have declared e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. All the dangers associated with e-cigs and tobacco... Read More

Myths About E-cigarettes Debunked

Every year, many e-cigarette events are hosted across the United Kingdom allowing people to dig deeper into the world of vaping and reach its unexplored territories. The modern e-cigarette is the brainchild of Hon Lik in China who introduced the device in the mid-2000s. But its roots are as old as British Broadcasting Company. In 1927, Joseph Robinson thought about an electronic device for smoking, which is modern world’s e-cigarette. Today, the UK houses the best e-cig shop and many other vape product manufacturers that enhance the vaping experience of... Read More

Is Vaping Really Cheaper Than Smoking? Vaping vs Smoking Cost Comparison

Vaping has taken the world by the storm. Vaping is an international phenomenon and has been thought to help a lot of people to quit smoking. While we think that?s a great thing, a lot of people don?t share our point of view. To a lot of people who smoke, they consider vaping to be either unsafe or expensive. Vaping is neither of these and these statements can?t be more further from the truth. In fact, by the end of this article, you? ll yourself will be able to assess... Read More

Smoking vs Vaping: Is Vaping Better than Smoking for Your Health?

We already read hundreds of studies, research, reviews and vaper’s opinion on the famous internet debate “Is vaping better than smoking”. People have so many questions: Are e-cigs safe? Will they really make your lung condition worse? Few studies have also warned vaping is as bad for your lungs and heart. There are, however, many strong scientific consensuses that vaping is one of the strong and safer alternatives for your quit smoking journey. Let us collect few studies and reviews that show vaping is a good alternative for those who... Read More