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PG vs VG: How Are They Different, What’s Right PG/VG Ratio

PG vs VG: How Are They Different, What's Right PG/VG Ratio

Excellent e-juice gives you smooth and tasty vaping experience. Although there are hundreds of e-liquid flavours in the UK, they fall under two major categories: PG (Propylene Glycol) and Vegetable Glycerin. The PG vs VG can create some confusion among newbies, but knowing it can make vaping more flavorsome than ever. Here, we will discuss […]

Does e Cigarette Affect Sex Life? All The Truth Is Out!

Does E-cigarette Affect Sex Life? All The Truth Is Out!

Have you ever come across old movies featuring couples smoking after sex? Many do that in real. It’s like the leftover of a favorite dish that you are having in the breakfast. You know it’s not good for your health, but it’s a favorite food too. Why is smoking after sex satisfactory? Can e cigarette […]

Vape Guide: Key Features Of The Best Vape Shop

Vaping has been encouraging countless people across the world to give up smoking and take a step towards healthy, flavorsome life. Very quickly, it became a part of their life. There are many reasons behind the increasing popularity of vaping, and one among them is that it’s less harmful than tobacco. In addition, it comes […]

Is Vaping Good Or Bad For Your Teeth? Here’s Vaping Guide To Enlighten You

Is Vaping Good Or Bad For Your Teeth?

Vaping and oral health is a long-standing tricky debate that keeps on receiving mixed reviews from experts as well as amateurs. There is a confusion among people about its use and aftereffects on teeth. Many could not reach a conclusion as there aren’t sufficient proofs to showcase that vaping is bad for health. On the […]

What is Vaping? A Beginner’s Guide to Vape

What is Vaping

First off, welcome to the world of vaping! if you’re very new to vaping, then the world of vaping and e-liquids will surely be very confusing for you. To be true, it’s quite obvious to you, because as a newcomer, you’ve probably noticed a wide spectrum of e-liquid flavors & hardware devices out there. And […]

Top 5 one shot concentrates to try in 2018

One shot brand

One shot concentrates is a term we’ve heard quite often. It’s been said variably across all the vaping communities and demands us to pay attention towards it for being, as said in the vaping community as cheap but delightful. Since the thought of doing something that’s more pocket friendly and desirable is exciting to us, […]

Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung Vaping – Few Best MTL Vape Tanks

Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung Vaping – Few Best MTL Vape Tanks

Habits define who we are. Whatever we do, we will become that. Everything that we did or liked will affect our future decisions and what we are used to doing subconsciously. This is the reason why vaping got divided into the two different types of vapers we know now. These vapers, divided by their habits […]

Beginners Guide: How to Fill a Vape Tank with E Liquid (Step by Step)

How to Fill a Vape Tank with E Liquid (Step by Step)

Vapers love seeing the clouds of flavoured e-liquids. When that fills the thin stick of the machine and then seen blown out from the mouth, filling the air with dense cloud and watched as it melts into the atmosphere; the entire sight is more than euphoric. The flavour makes things even better. But finally, when […]