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Best Christmas Gifts for Vapers 2017

vaping Christmas gifts

Are you looking for the best vaping product this Christmas as a gift to your dear ones? If yes, then you are at the right place. We understand there are plenty of choices out there for e-cig vapor starter kits. Therefore we have prepared a list of the best e cigarette kits, e liquids, vaping […]

DIY Vape Tools: Everything you Need for a DIY Vape (Coil Building and DIY Juice)

Everything you Need for a DIY Vape Coil Building and DIY Juice

Doesn’t matter if it’s eliquid or vape kit, You can customise it according to your choice and personalisation. The great thing is that it gives you more control over your vaping experience. So, before moving forward you need to make sure you have the essential toolkit (for own setup), proper ingredients and tools for mixing […]

How to Steep E Juice? A Complete Guide to E liquid Steeping

How to Steep E Juice? A Complete Guide to E liquid Steeping

E liquid steeping is the process of aging of e-liquids, for extracting more flavors from it. It is basically a process in which you allow e-juice to mature or age in the bottle. It is the simplest method which is traditionally used by people for making the taste of e-liquid better. This process usually takes […]

Essential Tips to Keep Vape Tank Protected from e Liquid Leaking

keep a vape Tank protected from leaking

Most of us have experienced that moment when we realized our costly e-juice has leaked out of the tank. Dealing with a leaky vape tank when you try a new juice is quite irritating. E-liquids are quite expensive at vape shop UK and for using them for a long time, you need to keep them […]

Vaping Tips: A Beginner’s Guide for Sub Ohm Vaping

Vaping Tips A Beginnes Guide for Sub Ohm Vaping

This discussion is necessary to raise the possibility of learning about Vaping UK. Let’s get some information over Sub-Ohm. Sub-Ohm vaping, understanding as just “Sub Ohming.” This has no relativity with Sub-Zero, a character from Mortal Kombat and it is all about atomisers that are able of firing at up to 1 Ohm of resistance. […]

Electronic Cigarette Safety: Ways to Make Vaping As Safe As Possible

Electronic Cigarette Safety

An electronic cigarette is a recent development of technology which is used as an alternative for traditionally used tobacco cigarettes. They are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Awareness of these devices among people in last few years has exponentially grown. More than 2 Million of people are currently vaping in UK. It is also important […]

Do E-Liquids Expire? Your Guide To E-Liquid Safety and Ecig Expiration Date

Do E-Liquids Expire

E-liquid is the mixture fluid of different flavour concentrates which fuels Electronic cigarettes. It is made of propylene, nicotine, glycol, glycerine, and flavoring concentrates. A large number of people started using Electronic cigarettes for quitting the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes or cigars. These days, one of the most common questions asked by users of […]

Explained! Difference Between RDA – RTA – RBA and Sub Ohm Tanks

Difference Between RDA RTA RBA and Sub Ohm Tank

E-cigarettes are handheld electronic devices which create a feeling of tobacco smoking. Upon inhalation, electronic cigarettes vaporize the solution of glycerin (without added nicotine in it). These type of cigarettes are extremely popular these days among people who want to quit smoking. So, Let us explain the basic about vaping hardware like RDA, RTA, RBA […]

Vaping Etiquettes: Where And How To Vape In The Public Places?

Vaping is considered as a good alternative to traditional smoking; in addition to the safety, there are many other reasons behind this fact. For an instance, vaping is not as much addictive as that of smoking and it doesn’t cause that much damage to the liver. Instead, you can use vaping as a way of […]

The Ultimate How-To Guide to Build your Coil

Coil Building

There are mainly two reasons that vapers want to build their own coils; firstly, it helps them save money in the long run and secondly, it ensures a better vaping experience for the vapers. Also, it lets the vapors enjoy their favourite flavors. In this write-up, we are going to explain the coil building process […]