Make Your Own Vape Juice: The Complete Guide

We know that with the rising costs of everything, people are looking for ways to save money and one of the best ways to do this is by making your own DIY E Liquid. Not only can you save money by making larger batches of E Liquid, but you can also create a completely customised mix and craft your perfect E Liquid flavour. We know it is a daunting task when just getting started, and you may be thinking to yourself ‘Can you make your own vape liquid?’ but the... Read More

Dry Hit Vape: Guide to Avoid Dry Hits When Vaping 18/07/2023

Guide to Avoid a Dry Hit When Vaping

By now, we all know that dreaded feeling - going to hit your vape and tasting nothing but the flames of hell, no flavour and a throat hit that is full of nothing but pain to go along with a nicely ruined coil - this is a dry hit vape!


The 8 Essential Tips To Switch To Vaping

Making the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping may seem like a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and preparation you can make the transition easy and enjoyable! With this guide, we’ll provide 8 essential tips that will help make your switch to vaping easier. From researching devices to practicing responsible vaping, these tips will ensure that you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about your new hobby. So let’s get started! 1. Research the different types of vaping devices available to find one that... Read More


Is Vaping Bad For You? Here?s What You Need To Know

In the last few years, many smokers have switched to vaping. Some of them say e-cigarettes helped them quit smoking, while the others found vaping healthier than their traditional cigarettes. The rising popularity of vaping has also given rise to a debate: Is vaping bad for you? ‘Is vape good or bad’ seems a simple question. However, it is a matter of debate since the introduction of the first e-cigarette. To get an answer to the question, it is important to understand vaping, vape mods, vaping vs smoking, and many... Read More


E-liquid Guide: How To Choose Right E-juice?

Like a human body, an e-cigarette also includes different parts that complete the device and make it work effectively. If the battery is called its heart, an e-juice is undoubtedly the soul. Without the right e-liquid also called vape juice you cannot enjoy vaping. But what is the right e-juice and how to choose it? What Is E-juice? In the enormous and incredible world of vaping, e-juice has many names. Apart from e-juice, it is known as e-liquid, vape juice, vaping liquid, e-cig juice, and ejuice. It doesn’t matter what... Read More


Safe Vaping Explained! Ohm’s Law Assures Vape Safety

Is vaping safe? The question has been garnering headlines since the first modern e-cigarette was introduced during the mid-2000s. Although nothing is completely safe and everything comes with some risks, vaping is much safer than traditional cigarettes. It is found to be around 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Safety in vaping depends on the device’s usage. If an e-cigarette is used keeping instructions in mind, then it is a reliable and enjoyable device. On the other side, unnecessary experiments with it lead to unwanted circumstances, even when you have... Read More


PG vs VG: How Are They Different, What’s Right PG/VG Ratio

Excellent e-juice gives you smooth and tasty vaping experience. Although there are hundreds of e-liquid flavours in the UK, they fall under two major categories: PG (Propylene Glycol) and Vegetable Glycerin. The PG vs VG can create some confusion among newbies, but knowing it can make vaping more flavorsome than ever. Here, we will discuss PG and VG, the difference between them, and what ratio is ideal for you to use. PG and VG: What Are They? As per their definition in the vaping world, PG and VG are odourless... Read More


Myths About E-cigarettes Debunked

Every year, many e-cigarette events are hosted across the United Kingdom allowing people to dig deeper into the world of vaping and reach its unexplored territories. The modern e-cigarette is the brainchild of Hon Lik in China who introduced the device in the mid-2000s. But its roots are as old as British Broadcasting Company. In 1927, Joseph Robinson thought about an electronic device for smoking, which is modern world’s e-cigarette. Today, the UK houses the best e-cig shop and many other vape product manufacturers that enhance the vaping experience of... Read More


What is Vaping? A Beginner’s Guide to Vape

First off, welcome to the world of vaping! if you’re very new to vaping, then the world of vaping and e-liquids will surely be very confusing for you. To be true, it’s quite obvious to you, because as a newcomer, you’ve probably noticed a wide spectrum of e-liquid flavors & hardware devices out there. And we understand that it is very difficult for you to know what is vaping exactly and where to start. However, once you get a deep insight into the basics behind vaping, e-liquid and hardware devices,... Read More