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Best Disposable Vape Kits To Buy In 2021

There are a huge number of people in the UK who are either currently attempting to quit smoking and took a journey into the world of vaping to try and aid their attempts and increase their chances of quitting smoking compared to traditional methods and finding the Best Disposable Vape Kits is imperative to making that journey as easy as possible.

With the vast array of kits and devices on the market, picking the one that is perfect for you can seen like a daunting task – you just want something to replace a traditional cigarette and the next thing you know your being asked what resistance coils you want, if you are looking for MTL or DTL and countless other bits of vaping jargon that you don’t really understand.

You simply want something that isn’t a cigarette, but replicates the feeling of one without all the harmful compounds found in your traditional tobacco product.

This is where disposable vape devices come in and with our guide below help you make a more educated and informed choice on the devices on offer. 

What is a disposable vape?

The clue to this one is in the name – a disposable vape kit is a single use vape device that comes pre-filled, pre-charged and once you have finished with it, you dispose of it (make sure to follow the manufactures guidance on how to dispose of their product).

There are two particular styles in vaping – MTL (Mouth To Lung) which closely replicates the smoking sensation and DTL (Direct to Lung) which is a more airy, less smoking like sensation. 

Disposable vape devices are MTL. They have tighter airflow to give a more restricted vape, much like that of smoking a cigarette. 

Disposable vape kits also do not feature any buttons or fancy features – simply remove the packaging and inhale just like a cigarette.

All disposable vapes are filled with E Liquid – that’s the juice that you see in a standard vape tank. This contains flavouring and nicotine.

Most modern disposable vapes use something called Nicotine Salt E Liquid, this helps give you a stronger hit, a smoother vape and Nic Salt E Liquids act faster than conventional “freebase” nicotine to hit those craving more effectively when they start.

The brilliance in these devices is the simplicity. While you can move to a re-fillable pod device, these are the best way to get on the road with your vaping journey and make you an ex-smoker. When your disposable vape runs out of battery or E Liquid, simply dispose of it and grab a fresh one.

Who should be using a disposable vape?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. 

When disposable vape kits were first brought onto the market, their aim was simply at the people trying to quit smoking and wanted a quick, easy and cheap method of trying vaping. They were invented with the idea that vaping shouldn’t be any harder to try than lighting a cigarette.

With most of the more advanced vape kits, you need to top up your E Liquid, change your coil, charge your battery, worry about getting an E Liquid flavour that you like and make sure you had the right nicotine level. With disposable vape devices, all of that hassle is taken away and there is zero maintenance involved.

There is also another market that benefits greatly from this device. If you are currently a vaper and you are going out with the family or for a drink in your local pub, you don’t want to take your usual dual battery vape kit that creates a weatherfront whenever you use it – simply pick up a couple of disposables vape kits, throw them in your bag or pocket and you are ready to go. Discreet, simple and ready to scratch that nicotine itch whenever it comes calling.

Lastly, if you are looking to transition to a pod vape style device and are not too sure if you will enjoy Nic Salts a disposable ecig is the perfect way to try. For less than the price of a 10ml nicotine salt E Liquid, grab yourself a disposable vape stick and try it! If you enjoy it, we can recommend pod vape kits to try from there. If you don’t match well with it, you’ve paid next to nothing to try it.

How are they different from original disposable vape options?

If you are one of the people who has been trying to quit smoking for years and vaping didn’t really work for you, there are a number of reasons the older style devices didn’t work for you or satisfy the craving. 

The “Cig-a-like”

The original “cig-a-like” vape devices were super small, but didn’t offer the hit that most smokers were looking for to help them transition. The batteries were small, the amount of vapour produced was weak and the flavours (and nicotine strengths) were just not strong enough for people. These devices were also limited to “basic” flavours such as menthol, tobacco and if you were lucky a few different fruit flavours. 

The Modern Disposable Vape

After many years of research (and using technology from some of the larger devices), single use disposable vape kits have come an extremely long way. With massively improved battery life, a higher power output and a huge range of flavours, each device will comfortably last you the full day (giving around the same number of puffs a pack of 20 cigarettes would for way cheaper).

These vape devices also use more advanced coil technology, giving you better flavour production and a more solid vape in general to better replicate the sensation of smoking.

The E Liquid now uses Nicotine Salt as discussed earlier, giving you a better throat hit and helping to alleviate cravings better. This also helps reduce the harsh feelings you got with older devices.

Compared to a couple of years ago, ex-smokers are spoiled for choice with flavours available in disposable vape devices. If you can think of a flavour, it probably exists!

We’ve gathered a range of our favourite disposables to help you make the decision which to pick easier that are not only our choice, they are our customers favourites too! Continue reading to find out what our Top 5 Best Disposable Vape Kits To Buy In 2021 in the UK are.

1. Vaptio Beco Bar

A picture showing 3 Vaptio Beco Bar disposable vapes. Spearmint flavour on the left, pink lemonade in the centre and blueberries & raspberries on the right.
Vaptio Beco Bar Disposable Vapes

The Vaptio Beco Bar is one of the most popular disposable vape pods on the UK market.

The Beco Bar Disposable Vapes are super slim and will fit nicely into the pocket of even the skinniest of jeans.

With a wide range of 11 flavours, each Vaptio Beco Bar will give you around 300 puffs on average, and with a choice of fruity, menthol or dessert flavours, this is what we class as the gold standard of disposable pod vapes.

Our Staff Pick – We love the Vaptio Beco Bar Blueberry & Raspberry. Great for a fruity hit of nicotine on the move.

2. Nasty Juice Fix Disposable

A picture showing 3 Nasty Fix Disposable Vape Devices.
Nasty Fix Disposables

Nasty Juice is a big name in the E Liquid world, and they worked together with some of the best disposable vape device manufacturers to put their range of popular flavours into a device.

They also crafted some new flavours to give the smoker trying to quit something a little simpler if they wish.

With 7 flavours available, each Nasty Juice Fix disposable vape gives you around 300 puffs on average, and with a 280mAh battery will be ready when you need your next Fix!

Our Staff Pick – We can’t get enough of Nasty Fix Cush Man Mango. The ever popular Nasty Juice Cush Man E Liquid, but in a nicotine salt disposable vape.

3. HYPPE Bar

A picture showing 4 HYPPE Bar Disposable Vapes. From left to right, a Banana Ice flavour, a Pink Watermelon flavour, a Mint flavour and an Orange Ice flavour are displayed.
HYPPE Bar Disposable Vapes

If you have tried Vaptio Beco Bars and Nasty Juice Fix and wish these devices lasted you just that little bit longer, HYPPE Bar disposable vapes offer on average 400 puffs per device (a 33% increase above the previously mentioned brands).

With 8 fruity flavours, a delicious mint flavour and a classic tobacco disposable vape flavour for the purists, this disposable vape device offering is certainly one to keep in mind.

Our Staff Pick: We think the HYPPE Bar Cola Ice disposable pod kit is one of the best in this range. Tastes just like an ice cold can of cola, including just a hint of the fizz.

4. Geekvape Geek Bar

A picture displaying 5 different Geekvape Geek Bar disposable vapes in a row.
Geekvape Geek Bar Disposables

Just like Nasty Juice, Geekvape are one of the industry leading companies in the vape market. Rather than being an E Liquid manufacturer, Geekvape produces some of the best hardware for vapers.

Taking their extensive knowledge of vape kits, they designed the Geek Bar disposable vape stick and partnered with some of the best E Liquid companies to produce their massive range of 15 different flavours (at time of writing).

With each device giving you on average 575 puffs, this is one for the longer trips to the pub.

Our Staff Pick: We really don’t think you can do wrong with the Geek Bar Lemon Tart. Lemon Tart is one of the most popular flavours to vape for a reason!

5. Elf Bar

A picture showing 6 different Elf Bar disposable vape flavours in a row.
Elf Bar Disposable Vapes

The Elf Bar is our biggest offering for disposable vape devices, with a massive 21 flavours and giving on average 600 puffs per device.

Featuring everything you want from a disposable vape, large battery, large amount of puffs and some great flavours, this is one for the heavy smokers looking to quit (or for someone who will cling on to their disposable pod kit when they are sat on a conference call at home and chain vapes away).

While they are a more expensive option then some of the other disposable vape kits above, the amount of use you can get from one device should give you closer to two packs of cigarettes, and you can only imagine that cost saving compared to the price of traditional cigarettes!

Our Staff Pick: We are crazy about the Elf Bar Blue Raspberry Lemonade. A refreshingly tangly blue raspberry paired with a delicious lemonade!

6. Vapeman Solo Plus

Vapeman Solo Plus Disposable vapes featured in the Best Disposable Vape Kits article
Vapeman Solo Plus Disposables Vapes

The Vapeman Solo Plus is a device that brings you an exceptional range of flavours that other brands just don’t seem to offer.

Offering a massive 600 puffs from each disposable vape and a wide range of 24 different flavours, the Vapeman Solo Plus disposable vape kit is perfect for someone who loves disposable devices, but wants something a little bit different.

Our Staff Pick: We love the different flavours Vapeman offer, especially their Vapeman Solo Plus Pineapple Peach Mango – it tastes like a summer’s day at the beach.

7. Vaptio Beco Mate

A picture of 3 flavours of the Vaptio Beco mate disposable vape
Vaptio Beco Mate Devices

Following on from the success with their first disposable vape kit the Vaptio Beco Bar, Vaptio have hit the market with their new larger size disposable vape – the Beco Mate.

Offering a larger 550 puffs per device (up by 250 on the Vaptio Beco Bar), a larger battery and some great new flavours, the Vaptio beco Mate is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a disposable pod kit.

Out Staff Pick: We don’t think you can go wrong with the Vaptio Beco Mate Strawberry Burst!

8. Slushie Dripbar

An image showing 3 variations of the Slushie Dripbar, part of the Vapour Depot Best Disposable Vape Kits To Buy blog article
Dripbars by Slushie

It’s not unusual for an E Liquid manufacturer to offer their range of juices in nicotine salts or disposable pod kits, and this is the Slushie version!

With 12 fantastic flavours based around their customer favourite Slushie Shortfill and Slushie Nicotine Salt ranges, these ice / menthol based flavours all come neatly packaged in a 600 puff disposable pod kit – perfect for helping you keep your cool!

Out Staff Pick: Our team love a juice that’s just a little bit different, which is why they love Slushie Dripbar Ricurrent – a chilly take on a popular diluteable drink.

9. Dinner Lady Disposables

An image showing 5 of the different Dinner Lady disposable vape flavours on the Best Disposable Vape Kits To Buy in 2021 blog article by Vapour Depot
Dinner Lady Disposable Vapes

At this point, everyone knows the name Dinner Lady. One of the biggest eliquid manufacturers in the UK (and the EU) offering exceptional quality products to all vapers in their Dinner Lady Shortfill and Dinner Lady Nicotine Salt ranges. They have now taken a leaf out of other companies’ books and joined the disposable pod kit market with their own offering.

With a sleek design, each Dinner Lady Disposable vape kit offers 400 puffs to keep up with the cravings on the go and is pre-filled with 1.5ml of great Dinner Lady Nicotine Salts.

Our Staff Pick: We’ve been saying it since we first tried it, but we still love Dinner Lady Lemon Tart.

10. Pod Salt Go Disposable Vapes

A picture showing 3 different flavours of the Pod Salt Go disposable vape range, featured in the Best Disposable Vape Kits blog article.
Pod Salt Go Disposable Ecigs

Pod Salt are another manufacturer that have joined the disposable pod kit game with their Pod Salt Go Disposable Vapes.

Using their award winning nicotine salts in a 500 puff disposable vape kit, Pod Salt offer 13 different options for people to grab their nicotine salt E Liquid in the most convenient way to vape.

Our Staff Pick: Pod Salt has been one of our brands to watch for a while, and we love their Pod Salt Go Watermelon Breeze

Final Thoughts

Everyone here at Vapour Depot know how daunting it is to step into the world of vaping for the first time, and worrying about quitting your over the counter cigarettes you’ve smoked since back when Lambert & Butler were less than £5 a packet and cans of cola used to cost 50p.

We want to make life as easy as possible for you in your journey without being blinded by jargon, technical information and a sea of vape starter kits where you don’t know where to start.

With all of that in mind, we fully recommend all of the kits from our best disposable vape kits list above – they are not only easy to use, convenient and dependable. Not only being the healthier alternative to smoking traditional tobacco products, they are also massively cheaper!

As an example, one Vaptio Beco Bar is over 69% cheaper than a packet of cigarettes. Not only will your body love you for switching to vaping and finally kicking the habit, but your wallet will too!

All of our staff are ex-smokers, so we know the struggles of taking your first steps on the journey so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can drop our team a message using the details on our contact us page, or call one of the team on 01642 049028. We’ll be there to help you make the right choices along the way and answer any questions you may have.

Article originally published June 2021 & updated September 2021.

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