Beginners Guide: How to Fill a Vape Tank with E Liquid (Step by Step)

Vapers love seeing the clouds of flavoured e-liquids. When that fills the thin stick of the machine and then seen blown out from the mouth, filling the air with dense cloud and watched as it melts into the atmosphere; the entire sight is more than euphoric. The flavour makes things even better.

But finally, when you begin to feel the cloud die down, it?s time for you to fill the vape tank. It?s not that complicated of a process. So let?s take it step by step.

  • Disassemble the tank: The first step is to take out the coil from the base. For this unscrew the airflow base. After pulling the coil out, leave the mouthpiece, tank and top connector attached. (In case you are planning to change the e-liquid flavour, clean out the tank first).
  • Preparing the coil: Next we prepare the coil. Take the dropper that came with the E liquids. Fill it with liquid and hold the coil horizontally. Now pour the drops into the holes of the coil; there are around 6 of them commonly. This process is called preparing the coil and increases the life of the coil.
  • Fill the tank: Next, we will fill the tank with the flavour. Unscrew and open the top connector and look towards the opening for the access to the tank. Fill the dropper with the flavour concentrates and align it next to the wall of the tank. Carefully drop the flavour into the tank and fill it until the marked level of flavour. Be careful not to drop the flavour into the centre tube of the tank. This particular opening is present for the access of air and the liquid flavour can come in your mouth through it.
  • Reassemble the vaporizer: Once the liquid is completely filled, attach the mouthpiece and the connector. Next, have the coil inserted back in and screw tight the base. Next, reassemble your device and reattach all the vape mods that were attached to it.
  • Let it breathe: Let the reassembled vape be sit there for around 2-3 minutes for the coil to be saturated. The best of the flavour tastes amazing with the saturated coil and help protect against dry hits.

Getting the most out of the filled flavour is one of the only ways you are going to enjoy it. Hence there are these tips which might help you:

  • Increase the power with a clearomizer, an atomizer, cartridge and wick all in a single piece. It?s a glass or plastic container generally. This particular set up is preferred over the usual one as the wick provides a better smoke and finally keep the power between 0.2 to 0.5 Ohms.
  • Keep the flavour concentration in PG/VG ratio between 50/50 to 70/30. This enables you to have a better flavour. Any less usually makes it bland.
  • Keep the air flow maximum. Without the high influx of air, the flavours won?t burn ideally or vaporize well. This will keep your cloud production to a minimum.

Lastly, go and have fun. With a safe way to smoke in your hands, make patterns and have the world go crazy with your skills.

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