Most Common Vaping Mistakes and the Ways to Fix them

If you are planning to quit smoking and switch to the electronic cigarettes, no doubt you are making a smart move. It is because of the reason that e-cigarettes are less harmful than the traditional smoking and are a good alternative to the smoking. Also, the reports like ?Vaping has been endorsed by health experts after the first long-term study of its effects in ex-smokers?, ITV News reports, are claiming the use of e-cigarettes safe. However, the vaping process can be intimidating for all those who are new to the... Read More

Top 5 Vaping E-Juice and E-Liquid Flavors in the Market

Before placing an order it is very useful to considering how good is that e juice or e liquid flavor. With over 600 plus unique eliquid flavours, Here we bring you the finest and widest selection of new and premium ejuice available on the vaping market 2017. Flavorah Cinnamon Crunch A highly PG based Concentrated flavoring for mixing at 2-5% solution. Warm cinnamon and cereal cookie flavour. Mixes well with milks, custards etc. This product contains zero nicotine for a perfectly tuned cinnamon bakery or cereal vape. Money Shot Dough... Read More

10 Pieces Of Advice For New Vapers

So you’re switching from smoking to vaping! Now you can free yourself from smelly and harmful cigarettes or thousands of dangerous chemicals. There is no doubt that vaping is a less harmful and much better alternative to smoking. The vaping scene is immense and can frightening to beginners. Without any guidance it is difficult to choose devices, liquids and information on keeping your vape mod and other accessories in good condition. Have you just got into vaping and don’t have any idea where to start? Fear not. You are in... Read More

Maintaining Vape Stuff

Maintaining Vape Stuff Maintaining Vape Stuff:?Congratulations! You have been using your vape stuff for?a few weeks now and hopefully you are finding out just how effective alternative to smoking it really is! Although you might of noticed that its been tasting a little strange recently, that’s because its time to do some maintenance! So here we go, this article is all about Maintaining Vape Stuff! Why do I have do I maintain my mod/battery and tank? Due to the way vaping works some residue can be left on your coil.... Read More

Vaping eLiquids

Vaping eLiquids Vaping eLiquids: Hello! This week we are looking at a key part of your alternative to smoking, eLiquids and what you should look for when buying them. First things first what do you want in your eLiquid, juice, mod fuel? The selection of flavours available in eLiquids is as wide as your imagination, I have seen the things you would expect such as tobacco and fruit flavours and some slightly more unusual things such as roast beef, chicken tikka and herbs de province (only to be tried if... Read More

Christmas Posting Cutoffs

Christmas Posting Cutoffs Christmas Posting Cutoffs: Over the Christmas and New Year period, Vapour Depot staff will be working reduced hours. The following information summarises order processing days and posting date. Pre-Christmas: All UK orders must be submitted and paid for by Tuesday 20th December to make Royal Mail’s Christmas Posting Cutoffs (does not include Mystery Box and Juice Box orders).* We will continue to process and ship orders until end of day Friday 23rd December, however orders made after Tuesday 20th December may not arrive before Christmas. Mystery Box... Read More

Battery Safety & All Things Lithium Ion

Battery Safety & All Things Lithium Ion Battery Safety: Ah yes batteries, you’ve seen a mod you like but it needs a separate battery… probably something the size of an artillery shell case with lots of numbers that you can’t buy from the hardware store. This weeks post is to help you understand what batteries you need and how to keep yourself safe using them. Wait what batteries do these use? The batteries used in mods are high drain, lithium-Ion batteries of which the most common size is the 18650... Read More

TPD Update Roadmap

TPD Update Roadmap TPD Update Roadmap: Like it or not, the time is upon us where we need to make a whole bunch of changes. As much as some of the laws the TPD introduces may not be fantastic, we’re simply looking forward and adjusting the ways we do things. So the following is a list of all the changes we’re making. All changes will be live on our website by November 20th. Standard House Juice The biggest changes will be regarding our house juice options. The following changes apply... Read More

New Vaping Blog

New Vaping Blog Hello and Welcome to the?shiny?new Vapour Depot blog!? New Vaping Blog: As this is the very first entry we felt it was best you get to know us and what we do! We are a UK electronic cigarette company based in Stockton-on-Tees started in June 2013 by three friends who found e-cigarettes helped stop our cravings. We simply want to provide our products at an affordable price, whilst continuing to be transparent about the way we carry out business. We could tell you that our labels are... Read More