Advanced Vaping: Dripping Tips for Newbies

Before beginning with the dripping tips, let us give you a brief introduction of what is dripping all about. Actually, dripping is the vaping process in which the e-liquid is directly poured into the atomizer through drip tip. Dripping offers a consistent and clean vapor by letting the e-cig work at the full capacity.

No doubt dripping seems simple and easy but it is not less than a challenge at first. There are mainly two things that you need to pay attention to- how much liquid you should add and after how much time you should add it. Adding too little or too late will let the wick get burned and this will give you a burnt taste. In contrast, adding too much or too often will cause the eliquid to overflow. That’s why dripping is considered as an art, not just a process.

Tips to do drip vaping the right way

  • The first tip for effective drip vaping is having patience. As you cannot make a perfect dish on the first try, you are not going to drip exactly right when trying it the first time.
  • Prefer using a thicker e-juice in the beginning that would have a VG base. Avoid PG base in the beginning. Once you learn the art of dripping, you can try other liquids.
  • Be slow in the beginning. Put just a few drops of e-liquid and try to have some idea. You will learn the art of dripping through hit and trial method. Generally, you will have 5-7 inhales with 2-3 drops of e-liquid. Starting with more can result in flooding of e-liquid onto the battery of atomizer or into your mouth.
  • Clean the drip tips and atomizer on regular basis. In the case two e-liquids are mixed, it will not only lead to unpleasant taste but the residue can also build up. So, you must clean the vaping equipment regularly. Either you can blow through the atomizer and the tips or you can rinse them in the warm water.
  • Let’s make you know that you are not going to enjoy the dripping if you are nicotine addicted or if you are too lazy to fill the liquid after 7-9 inhales. On the contrary, if you are interested in enjoying the complete flavor of an e-liquid or want to get its full taste, only dripping will let you do that. And you are going to love the dripping if you are enjoy experimenting. Drip vaping with different vaping equipment and e-liquids will let you get an amazing experience.

Dripping Equipment

  • Drip tips

A drip tip is a mouthpiece fitted over the atomizer and it facilitates the flow of vapor from the atomizer to the mouth. Drip tips are available in hundred of styles and in a variety of materials. You can choose the one as per your preferences.

  • Drip Shields

Drip shields are the open-ended simple tubes that slide over drip tip and the atomizer. Not always, but sometimes it helps in catching the e-liquid that leaks out of the atomizer. Also, a drip shield makes an atomizer look cool.

  • Dripping Atomizers

The atomizer is a component without which you would not be able to drip. They are basically of two types: rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) and bridge-less best dripping atomizer. RDAs are more preferred as compared to the second category.

Here we are mentioning a few top rated RDA that you can use.

  • Augvape Druga RDA??

Augvape Druga RDA is one of the most innovative decks ever created that is best in the terms of usability and effectiveness. It has a two-post design that features industry’s first Clamp Snag System. Due to the large size of the clamps, it is able to accommodate both single and dual coil configurations; also the large coil structures are not excluded.

  • IJOY Limitless 24 RDA

It features the two-post and quad terminal build deck that has titanium screws for consistent contact. Beautifully designed and fine-tuned, the IJOY Limitless 24 RDA aims at delivering a performance-focused platform in the highly competitive market.

  • The Recoil RDA???

The Recoil RDA is the created by Duane (OhmBoyOC) and Nick (GrimmGreen) collectively. Every feature of this RDA has been meticulously fine tuned. Whether it is the smooth and even airflow design or the tight clean fit and finish, they have put everything on this RDA under a microscope for testing. They tested it for months before they felt confident for putting their name on it.

    • Wismec Inde D Duo RDA

The Wismec Inde Duo RDA is a dual style and two posts rebuildable dripping atomizer which features a well-balanced profile. It has the ability to run in a standard 22mm mode or in a box mod centric 30mm atomizer tube mode to deliver the complete dripping versatility. The Inde Duo is created on the view of providing a versatile yet refined platform which can be shifted easily.

  • Vandy Vape Icon RDA?

Designed in collaboration with the Mike Vapes, the Vandy Vape Icon RDA is one of the highly versatile and performance-driven platforms that integrates a unique two-post design with four terminals.

Spend on any of these best RDAs and begin your journey with dripping. Follow the tips given above while dripping and you will definitely get an enhanced drip vaping experience. Once you learn to pour the right amount of e-liquid at the right time, you can try out different flavors for better drip vaping. If you are looking for best quality RDAs under?30?. Here we have classified?Best Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA) Under 30? for you.

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