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A Change To Reward Points

We have received information from the ASA in relation to updated advertising regulations and how products can be promoted. Unfortunately this does mean that we are have had to make some changes to our rewards system which will be outlined below.

As from 7th February 2019, we are longer be able to offer reward points on the following products:

  • TPD Compliant 10ml Bottles (including multi-packs, nicotine salts and nicotine shots)
  • RDAs / RTAs / Sub-ohm tanks
  • Full Kits (including pod systems)
  • Squonk Mods

We are also unable to allow redemption of any reward points against these products from the above date.

Any reward points that have not been redeemed by this time will not be lost, however you will be unable to redeem them against products in the above categories.

You will still be able to earn reward points on any item not in the above categories (i.e. DIY concentrates, wire, premade coils). Shortfill / nicotine free eliquid will not be affected by the above changes and will still be able to accrue points on any purchase made and have points redeemed against it.

While we do not enjoy having to make these changes and communicate them to our customer base, we are continuing to ensure we comply with any and all TRPR and ASA regulations to maintain a future for not only Vapour Depot as a business, but continuing to help and support everyone who has made the switch from traditional tobacco products

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