10 Best Nicotine Salts E-Liquid Brands You Must Buy Right Now

What are nicotine salts and why is everybody talking about them?

Nicotine Salts are an alternative way of using nicotine in e liquid. By creating a compound using other elements (such as benzoic acid) to increase the alkalinity, nicotine salts are a far smoother vaping experience.

By having a higher strength (as found in most nicotine salt eliquids), people get the satisfaction that they are looking for, just that bit quicker and without a huge amount of throat hit associated with high nicotine vaping.

Since early 2018, mouth to lung devices and pod devices started to flood the market which increased the popularity of nicotine salts. By having a smaller device with higher nicotine eliquid, people are able to satisfy their cravings in a more subtle way when they don’t want to carry a full dual battery cloud machine around in their pockets.

What are the best nicotine salt e Liquids in the UK?

We have tried and tested a huge amount of nicotine salts since they were released to market so you don’t have to, let our team do the testing and get rid of the poor quality products so you can simply pick the one (or multiple) that sound like you would enjoy – then get vaping! We’ve also included our star rating out of 5 possible stars based on our opinion of the best flavour of each brand.

So let’s get to it, here’s our 10 Best Nicotine Salts E-Liquid Brands You Must Buy Right Now…

1. Dinner Lady

A picture of Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Nicotine Salt E Liquid
Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Nicotine Salt E Liquid

After releasing their first e Liquids back in 2016, Dinner Lady continued to grow into the hugely popular brand that they are now. In 2018, they entered the nicotine salt market by releasing nic salt e liquid versions of their already popular juices.

With a range of three flavours, Dinner Lady have chosen to release their most popular juices first, with plenty more scope for the future!

With a different mix ratio from their Shortfill range, these nicotine salts are 50VG 50PG which will give the best performance from any of your favourite mouth to lung or pod device setups.

What Dinner Lady Nic Salt flavours are available?

What’s the best Dinner Lady Nic Salt eLiquid? 

We don’t think you can go wrong with the original (and in our eyes, the best) – Dinner Lady Lemon Tart is our staff’s pick from this range.

We rate Dinner Lady Nic Salts Lemon Tart: 5/5

2. Doozy Vape Co

A picture of Doozy Vape Co Frozen Berries Nicotine Salt E Liquid
Doozy Vape Co Frozen Berries Nicotine Salt E Liquid

Another famous British brand, Doozy Vape Co started life back in 2014 with their unique flavour creations. Following the market, in 2018 they also released their own line of Nicotine Salts by bringing together some all new flavours to their brand.

With a larger choice of flavours, this range spans several flavour profiles to bring more to the table for different peoples tastes; be it dessert, fruit, menthol or a classic tobacco.

What Doozy Vape Nicotine Salt flavours are available?

What’s the best Doozy Vape Nic Salt eLiquid? 

We love Doozy Vape Co Frozen Berries – a great fruit flavour with a generous helping of menthol to cool you down in the summer heat.

We rate Doozy Salts Frozen Berries: 4/5

3. Wick Liquor

A picture of a bottle of Wick Liquor Boulevard Nicotine Salt E Liquid
Wick Liquor Boulevard Nicotine Salt E Liquid

Wick Liquor are another excellent UK company, who pride themselves on offering boutique premium eliquid flavours right from the heart of Staffordshire.

Focusing on more complex flavours, Wick Liquor nicotine salts are a nicotine salt versions of their entire line of flavours that are also offered in shortfill form. So you have plenty of options to choose from!

What Wick Liquor Nicotine Salt flavours are available?

What’s the best Wick Liquor Nic Salt eLiquid? 

Our pick is Wick Liquor Nic Salts Boulevard, a loganberry fruit punch mixture. It tastes exactly how we imagine summer!

We rate Wick Liquor Boulevard: 4/5

4. Double Drip

A picture showing a bottle ofDouble Drip Crystal Mist Nicotine Salt e liquid
Double Drip Crystal Mist Nicotine Salts

Double Drip are (yet again!) another UK company who released their nicotine salts over the past 18 months. Releasing their popular shortfill eliquid flavours as nicotine salts with an updated ratio to give the best performance from your nicotine salt device.

With popular English desserts, sweets and fruit mixes, these juices are quintessentially British in their roots and don’t fail to deliver.

What Double Drip Nicotine Salt flavours are available?

What’s the best Double Drip Nic Salt eLiquid? 

Double Drip Crystal Mist is our pick here, a great menthol blend with blue raspberry and black cherry to satisfy the fruit and ice lovers.

We rate Double Drip Nic Salts Crystal Mist: 5/5

5. Element NS E Liquid

A bottle of Element Key Lime Cookie NS20 E Liquid
Element Key Lime Cookie NS20 E Liquid

Element E Liquid are a staple of the British e liquid industry at this point – everyone has either heard of them or tried some of their juices. With their nicotine salt range, they cover a majority of their standard eliquids but in nicotine salt form – nicknamed ‘Element Designer Nic Salts‘.

As one of the first companies to release nicotine salts in the UK, Element E Liquids are still a fan favourite with plenty of choice of flavours from their original flavour line up.

What Element E Liquid Nicotine Salt flavours are available?

What’s the best Element E Liquid Nic Salt eLiquid? 

We can?t get enough of Element NS20 Key Lime Cookie! The tangy tart lime pairs perfectly with the fresh baked cookie.

We rate Element Designer Nic Salts Key Lime Cookie: 4/5

6. Salt Nix

A bottle of Salt Nix Spring Mint E Liquid
Salt Nix Spring Mint E Liquid

Another international brand on our list, Salt Nix are premium nicotine salts made in Canada!

Initially gaining popularity in the US juice market and becoming a favourite nicotine salt juice of several YouTube reviewers, Salt Nix made its way into the UK market in late 2018 and started picking up steam.

While they may not have a huge amount of flavours to offer, the 4 that are on the market are done beautifully.

What Salt Nix Nicotine Salt flavours are available?

What’s the best Salt Nix Nic Salt eLiquid? 

We love Salt Nix Spring Mint, a fresh spearmint & peppermint blend.

We rate Salt Nix Spring Mint: 4/5

7. Got Salts

A bottle of Got Salts Crumbacco Nicotine Salt E Liquid
Got Salts Crumbacco Nicotine Salt E Liquid

Got Salts is a nicotine salt juice line from the same people who created a number of staple British eliquid lines such as Just Jam and House of Pancakes, so you know you are getting quality with this brand before you’ve even tried any of their flavours.

Offering something for almost everyone with a large 15 flavour range, they have taken time to perfect each flavour and make each juice the best it can be.

What Got Salts Nicotine Salt flavours are available?

What’s the best Got Salt Nic Salt eLiquid? 

For the tobacco lovers on our team, our pick is Got Salts Crumbacco – a delicious mix of fresh cut American tobacco with a crumbly biscuit base. It sounds strange, but works so well!

We rate Got Salts Crumbacco: 4/5

8. Momo

A bottle of Momo Mangonut Nicotine Salt E Liquid
Momo Mangonut Nicotine Salt E Liquid

Momo first introduced their juice line in 2017 and have since continued to add more flavours that have received critical acclaim. As with all of the other brands, they introduced their nicotine salts in 2018.

Keeping their signature branding style, their nicotine salts do stand out as being well designed and having a very interesting flavour profile mixing elements from favourite flavours to create the perfect blend.

What Momo Nicotine Salt flavours are available?

What’s the best Momo Nic Salt eLiquid? 

We pick Momo Salt Mangonut as our flavour of choice from this brand, a delicate balance of Mango and Coconut, reminding on those holidays in the sun.

We rate Momo Salts Mangonut: 4/5

9. Nasty Salts

A bottle of 10mg Nasty Salts Cush Man E liquid
Nasty Salts Cush Man E liquid

Nasty Juice are a vape shop staple at this point! We are sure everyone has heard of Nasty Juice with their super popular Cush Man mango flavour!

The Malaysian juice brand launched their most popular low-mint series of flavours in nicotine salts in 2018 and have continued to grow in popularity.

With several great fruit flavours, the range is a must for people who like a little bit of cooling with their fruit. All we can say is, this juice is far from nasty – its delicious!

What Nasty Salts flavours are available?

What’s the best Nasty Juice Nic Salt eLiquid? 

We are huge mango eliquid fans, so our pick goes to to Nasty Salts Cush Man – not only the best mango nic salt e liquid but possibly the best mango e liquid of all time?

We rate Nasty Salts Cush Man: 5/5

10. Anarchist

An image showing a bottle and the box of Anarchist blue nicotine salt e liquid
Anarchist Blue Nicotine Salt E Liquid

From the minds OhmybocOC (yes that dude who’s mates with Grimm Green) Anarchist E Liquid has been a staple of the vaping industry world wide since its inception.

With a large range of flavours like Cereal, Mango and Pink Lemonade, the range has been extremely popular for our online customers and in store customers a like. The range retails its American roots in the way the flavours are presented and each bottle comes packed with flavour to give you the best from whatever device you want to use it in!

What Anarchist E Liquid flavours are available?

What’s the best Anarchist Nic Salt eLiquid?

Anarchist Blue is our pick! It is a blue raspberry candy mixed with both sweetness and a little sour.

We rate Anarchist Blue: 4/5


After working our way through a massive amount of nicotine salts over the past year, these were our top 10 best nicotine salt eliquid brands for 2020 so far. However, there were a few that didn’t quite make the cut (or were released a little later that we only just got round to testing!). Here are another handful of nic salts that our team is really starting to get into:

Are you still not sold on trying nicotine salts and prefer standard shortfills? Check out our guide for our favourite shortfills of 2019 here.

This article was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated to reflect the latest & best nicotine salt brands of 2020 on 10.11.20

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