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8 Best Nicotine Salts E-Liquid Brands You Must Buy Right Now

Ever since nicotine salts received good reviews from vape users, many e-liquid brands worldwide have been introducing their own series of nicotine salt juices. These unique e-liquids are the brainchild of US-based JUUL Labs. Today, there are vape juice manufacturers in different countries producing nicotine salt e-liquids.

What makes nic salt different from ordinary e-juices is their smoothness. The e-liquid is smoother than regular vape liquids and gives an opportunity to a user to inhale more nicotine than normal. This attribute makes nicotine salt a cost-effective vape juice.

Nicotine salts are the best in taste and give you more bang. And, there are countless suppliers of nicotine salts in the UK who may claim their products to be the best. However, all nic salt brands are not equally effective. We recently worked with a group of experts in the vape industry and figured out the best nicotine salt e-liquid brands that you must try at least once in 2018.

Here are 8 best nic salt e-liquid brands of 2018:

    1. Dinner Lady

Like its name, Dinner Lady products are unique yet interesting.Dinner Lady The e-juice range by the brand is among the most talked e-liquid products in the vape UK market right now. For the admirers of the nicotine salt, the vape manufacturer has multiple interesting flavours. They are rich in flavour and sumptuous in the taste.

Not suitable for sub-ohm vaping, the Dinner Lady nic salt products are the right pick for pod devices. Nicotine salt e-liquids by the brand that you must try in 2018 are:

      • Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble Nic Salts
      • Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Nic Salts
      • Dinner Lady Cola Shades Nic Salts

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    1. Elements Designer Nic Salts

Suitable for the mouth to lung vaping and pods, Elements Designer Nic SaltsElements Designer nic salts come in a variety of delicious flavours with high nicotine content. Apart from the rich flavour profile, the e-juices make a fabulous blend of delicious flavours and the perfect PG/VG ratio.

Elements Designer nicotine salts provide more potent nicotine hit than other e-juice types and traditional cigarettes. Plus, there is a wide range of Elements Designer nic salts to try and taste in 2018. Some of them are:

      • Element Designer Nic Salts Candy Punch
      • Element Designer Nic Salts Frost
      • Element Designer Nic Salts Pink Lemonade
      • Element Designer Nic Salts Watermelon Chill

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    1. I VG Salts

I VG Salts is an extensive range of nicotine salts widely popular I VG Salts due to its unique flavours and high nicotine content. Ideal for pod systems and starter kits, the nic salts include high nicotine strength without a harsh throat hit. They give you a smoking-like hit and gratify your nicotine craving without harming your health.

Although the nicotine salt range of I VG Salts is not big, its flavours are extremely popular among vape users. If you are looking for a nicotine sale e-liquid for a smooth and satisfying vape, then IVG Salts will be the right product to purchase. Some of the most popular flavours of I VG Salts are as below:

      • I VG Salt Blue Raspberry
      • I VG Salt Kiwi Lemon Kool
      • I VG Salt Bubblegum Millions
      • I VG Salt Rainbow Blast

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    1. Salt Nix

Versatility and effectiveness make Salt Nix Salt Nixone of the best nicotine salts e-liquid brands in the UK. They are simple yet different from others in the same category. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced vape user, Salt Nix has the right products to gratify your craving for nicotine.

There is a range of Salt Nix flavours which are delicious to inhale and get a sensation closer to cigarettes. Some of the nic salt flavours that you can buy in the UK include:

      • Salt Nix French Vanilla
      • Salt Nix Northern Tobacco
      • Salt Nix Neon Berries
      • Salt Nix Spring Mint

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    1. Got Salts

Got Salts has one of the largest selections of nicotine salts.
Got SaltsThey are unique and satisfying in every sense. You can get them in 20mg and in a 10ml bottle. The manufacturer has prepared the nicotine salt e-liquid with an aim to satisfy daily vape users.

Ideal for the mouth to lung vaping, Got Salts nicotine salts are not suitable for sub-ohm vaping. To gratify the nicotine cravings, users can choose from an extensive range of nic salt e-liquids. They include:

      • Got Salts Black Forest
      • Got Salts Peachy Promise
      • Got Salts Tropical Red
      • Got Salts Blood Sun

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    1. Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice is well-known for their unique packaging and high-quality performance.
Nasty juiceNicotine salt e-liquids by Nasty Juice are the perfect bottles to satisfy nicotine cravings without harming the health. They provide a great taste and come at a cost-effective price.

Nasty Juice brings a huge range of delicate tastes in a 10ml bottle at 20mg nicotine strength. There are many nicotine salts by Nasty Juice that you can try in the UK. They include:

      • Nasty Salts ASAP Grape
      • Nasty Salts Slow Blow
      • Nasty Salts Bad Blood
      • Nasty Salts Cush Man

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    1. Momo Salt

Like its name, Momo Salt is an interesting range of nicotine salt e-liquids.
Momo Juice They are nicely blended flavours with the perfect ratio of ingredients and tobacco. What makes Momo Salt one of the best nicotine salts e-liquid brands in the UK is their unique taste.

There is a huge range of flavours to choose from. They come in an attractive 10ml bottle at 20mg nicotine strength. Some of the best Momo Salt e-liquids to buy in the UK are as below:

      • Momo Salt Caramel Tobacco
      • Momo Salt Pinkberry
      • Momo Salt Elderpomme
      • Momo Salt Mangonut

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    1. I Love Salts

Fruity flavours, sumptuous taste, and a great selection of e-liquids
to choose from make I Love Salts one of the top-rated players in
the nicotine salt industry in the UK. I Love Salts From raspberry to sweet tobacco, there are many delicious nic salt flavours by the brand that you can taste in the UK and satisfy your tobacco craving.

I Love Salts e-liquids come in an attractive 10ml bottle with 20mg nicotine strength. If you are looking for some unique yet sweet nicotine salts in the UK, then I Love Salts is a good brand to invest in. Some I Love Salts products you must try are:

      • I Love Salts Blue Raspberry
      • I Love Salts Spearmint Gum
      • I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco
      • I Love Salts Tropic Mango

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You can easily buy these best nicotine salts e-liquid brands in the UK online. All these 20mg nicotine salts are available at Vapour Depot at cost-effective prices. Get up and grab them all.

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