5 Best DIY E Juice Flavour Companies of 2022

5 Best DIY E Juice Flavour Companies of 2023

With the rising prices we are all paying, from petrol to the weekly food shop, more people are turning to making their own e liquid to reduce their outgoings. And it’s really pretty simple to do, but if you’re just starting out it’s worth having a read over our ‘Make Your Own Vape Juice‘ guide.

Best E Liquid Concentrates

With the huge number of e liquid brands on the market, have you ever wondered what the best e juice flavor concentrate company is? And if they are the same as what the professionals use? We’ve assembled a guide to the best DIY eliquid flavour concentrate companies for 2023.

We only use the best e liquid flavor concentrates in all of the products that we manufacture and we are sure that our customers want to make the best DIY vape juice – so why would we offer anything but the best vape juice concentrate!

Capella (CAP)

Capella Flavour Concentrates
Capella Flavour Concentrates

Capella flavourings are some of the most popular DIY eliquid flavour concentrates on the market, None of the DIY concentrates contain any nicotine and can’t be vaped directly as they need mixing using an appropriate base such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin (or a mixture of both) to create your own DIY eliquid.

Nothing says “accurate flavour” more than Capella flavour concentrates and this brand features some of the most popular Capella DIY eliquid flavour concentrates. Our popular picks are:

  • Capella Vanilla Custard v1
  • Capella Vanilla Whipped Cream
  • Capella New York Cheesecake
  • Capella Bavarian Cream
  • Capella Butter Cream

The Flavor Apprentice (TFA) by The Perfumers Apprentice

The Flavor Apprentice
The Flavor Apprentice

The Flavor Apprentice (TFA by The Perfumers Apprentice) are some of the highest quality DIY eliquid flavour concentrates currently on the market.

Starting in 2004, this company started by developing flavours for use in fragrances / perfume (hence the name). In 2009, they expanded their market for premium flavourings and people started using them in the vaping market to create a huge range of amazing flavour combinations.

This brand has over 250 flavours available, but our top picks are:

  • TFA Bavarian Cream
  • TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust
  • TFA Strawberry Ripe
  • TFA Kiwi Double
  • TFA RY4 Double

Inawera (INW)

Inawera Flavours
Inawera Flavours

Inawera are a polish flavour house that are known for their high quality DIY eliquid flavour concentrates that can be extremely potent requiring a very small amount to make a large amount of DIY eliquid.

Inawera experienced their rise to the top based around their highly popular tobacco flavours but have a large selection including their highly rated Shisha range.

Our favourite Inawera concentrates are:

  • Inawera Biscuit
  • Inawera Raspberry
  • Inawera Shisha Strawberry
  • Inawera Shisha Vanilla
  • Inawera Cactus

FlavourArt (FA)

FlavourArt takes the delicate art of flavour creation seriously, so much so they treat it like art.

This Italian company specialises in flavour creation and has been a large part of the industry for years. With their e juice flavour concentrates being used in some of the biggest brands e liquids, these are some of the best e liquid flavour concentrate that you can buy.

If you are looking for that special flavour, check out some of the best concentrates to make DIY vape juice.

Our top FlavourArt concentrates are:

  • FlavourArt Forest Fruits
  • FlavourArt Cookie
  • FlavourArt Oba Oba
  • FlavourArt Lime Cold Pressed
  • Flavour Art Vienna Cream

Flavor West (FW)

Flavor West Concentrates
Flavor West Concentrates

Flavor West are a company that have a huge range of DIY eliquid flavoursand specifically produce DIY flavour concentrates for uses in a huge range of different applications – beverages, baking, candy / sweets and vaping!

With hundreds of Flavor West DIY eliquid flavour concentrates to choose from, here are our top picks to help you get started on (or give inspiration for) your next great DIY eliquid!

  • Flavor West Unicorn Vomit
  • Flavor West Blue Ice
  • Flavor West Hazelnut
  • Flavor West Lemonade (Pink)
  • Flavor West Blackberry Mojito

While we’ve gone through our top 5 DIY e juice flavour concentrate companies for 2023, there are still other brands out there if there is nothing that takes your fancy in the above list.

Check out our full list of DIY e liquid flavour concentrate brands by clicking the button below.

This article was originally published in 2018 and has been updated on 18/07/23 with newer information.

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