7 Social Benefits of Vaping that Make Smoking Yesterday’s Habit

With more stigma than ever growing around smoking, restrictions concerning this habit?abound. Not only is it prohibited to smoke in most public places, smoking has become something socially unacceptable in many places and situations. Essentially, unless you are?in a smoking bar or sitting on your?patio, it can be difficult to smoke in freedom due to the discomfort it generates around others.

This is where vaping comes?to save the day! Vaping is not prohibited in many places because it does not combust any materials into the air- meaning, no smoke!?Are you tired of having to restrict smoking to designated?areas that are far from a party or dinner date? Then now is a great time to ditch the cigarettes and start vaping to reclaim your social life.?

Benefit #1: Vaping doesn’t produce smoke.

The smoke one exhales from cigarettes has been a major public health concern for the past few decades, with recent restrictions heavily banning smoking in public. Second-hand smoke is one of the main reasons for banning cigarettes in many establishments like restaurants.?Vaping involves heating eliquids to a certain temperature that is not hot enough to be combusted, leaving just vapors to enjoy.

Benefit #2: There’s little to no smell.

Cigarette smoke has a distinct smell that many people find repugnant. This strong smell is linked to the tar and combusted tobacco that is sent into the air in the form of smoke. Not only is the smell of smoke strong, it also clings to your skin, hair, and clothing. Though the smoker may be used to the smell, other non-smokers may find the aroma unpleasant.

Benefit #3: Make social gatherings fun again.

When you vape, it is easy to get friends involved in sampling new flavors and products together. For example, an e-hookah pen can be a great substitute for shisha smoking. Pass that e-pen around and get the best of the social hookah experience without the irritating smoke! You can also hang out with non-vapers with the confidence that the gathering is fun for everyone.

Benefit #4: Vaping isn’t irritating to the eyes and lungs.

Smoke can be irritating, making eyes water and other people cough if they accidentally inhale it. Vaping, on the other hand, is far less irritating and quickly fades into the air because it essentially emits vapors.?When you switch to vaping, you don’t have to worry about making your friends’ eyes water. It’s still common sense to exercise vaping etiquette and blow out the vapors in the opposite direction of people, but you can have peace of mind that your vapors aren’t hurting anyone.

Benefit #5: No tar!

Cigarette smoke carries tar. Not only does it damage the smoker’s lungs, it can also affect those around you with second hand smoke. Tar can also stick to your walls and ceilings, leaving nasty stains that are difficult to remove. As an added benefit, when you quit smoking, you will no longer get tar stains on your teeth! Looking better has never harmed anyone’s social life, so this can be added to this?already extensive list of benefits.

Benefit #6: E-liquids come in great flavors!

Though cigarettes have a few “flavors concentrates to choose from like menthols, the variety doesn’t even come close to what you can explore with vaping. If you can think of the flavor, there probably is an e-liquid for it. From watermelon to cheesecake, nothing’s impossible with e-liquids.

Benefit #7: Save money.

Since the costs of vaping over time are much lower than buying?cartons of cigarettes, you end up with more money in your pocket. No one has ever said that having money has hurt their social life. In fact, you can go out and do more things with the extra margin in your bank account. Go ahead, see that movie or eat out- you can do more when you spend less money on vaping!

If you are ready to explore vaping, we can recommend the right starter kit for you. Whether you want to be a casual user or have all the bells and whistles, we are here to give you all the insight you need to make the best purchase.

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