10 Pieces Of Advice For New Vapers

So you’re switching from smoking to vaping! Now you can free yourself from smelly and harmful cigarettes or thousands of dangerous chemicals. There is no doubt that vaping is a less harmful and much better alternative to smoking.

The vaping scene is immense and can frightening to beginners. Without any guidance it is difficult to choose devices, liquids and information on keeping your vape mod and other accessories in good condition.

Have you just got into vaping and don’t have any idea where to start? Fear not. You are in the right place! Here are some useful vaping tips and advice for new vapers that help to get moving in the right direction.

  • Quality of E-liquid Flavors:

Don’t buy low-quality eliquids from unknown sellers, they may contain impurities. It will worth if you put some extra money and buy your first eliquid from a reputable manufacturer. It will be of a better quality.

  • Consider Battery Safety tips:

To ensure your safety, you must know and consider battery safety tips. For an instance, you should always keep the vape batteries in a case and do not remove the outer wraps covering the batteries.

  • Vape with Low Voltage Mod:

Vaping with variable voltage mods might not a good fit for a beginner who are just making the switch from smoking. If you are just starting to vape then we would normally advise a low voltage mod first and then get shifted to high or variable voltage mod after some time.

  • Comply with your e-cigarette Regulations:

Respect non-vapers and be careful about where you vape. Make sure to always comply with your local laws and regulations regarding e-cigarette use.

  • Disassemble the Vaping Device at Night:

Though it seems pointless but you must do it to ensure your safety and to increase the life of your device. Tanks can sometimes leak and the last thing you want is juice in your device!

  • Vaping Maintenance:

Sometimes, you might have noticed that your tank been tasting a little strange recently! During the vaping process, some residue can be left on your coil. This affects the flavour and performance, and can stop it working. Now, it is time to do some maintenance! Learn more about why you have to maintain your vape stuff?

  • Avoid Flavor Ghosting:

If you are interested in vaping more than one flavor, consider using it in a different tank. It will also save your time. Every time when you want to change your flavor, you can just switch your tanks.

  • Always Keep Vaping Supplies With You:

Keep an extra set of charged batteries, at least some spare coils and, most importantly, your e-liquid. This will also help lower your risk switching back to smoking when starting out.

  • What do I Need to Start?

Most people start with a tobacco flavour and that?s a good plan but you may find yourself quickly looking for something that may be a bit more interesting. To start your journey into vaping we advise you to try some starter kits

  • Don?t give up!

Don?t be afraid to do some experiments and find out what works for you. Join some vaping forums and take expert advice. People will give you personal advice on what setups worked for them, including some devices to look out for and avoid.

Remember, if you don’t like your first experience, try again with a different vape mod, temperature, or liquid flavor. You’ll find that the experience is entirely different. If you follow these tips and have a little patience, you will surely master your device and would be able to experience the full extent of vaping.

If you have any further questions about vaping then please contact me – mike@vapourdepot.com.

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