11 Popular Vape Tricks

11 Popular Vape Tricks: How to To Do Them

Vaping is not just about inhaling an e-liquid. It also involves doing some cool vape tricks. Apart from smoke rings, there are several popular tricks in the vape community that vapers try to make vaping more amazing than ever.

There are countless vaping tricks to try. However, not all of them are easy to perform. We have prepared a guide to popular vape tricks that everyone can do with a little practice. In addition, there are some tricks that only experienced vapers can perform. To do them effectively, you need a sub-ohm tank and a high-quality e-juice. Plus, make sure that there’s minimal airflow in the room.

Let’s start:

Vape Tricks For Beginners

There are some cool vape tricks that anyone can try and impress others. They are easy to perform and take just a few moments to learn them.

The Dragon

All you Game of Thrones’ Drogon fans out there, this is for you. The dragon is an interesting yet easy vape trick for beginners. In this, you take a drag of the e-liquid and blow clouds out of your mouth and nose simultaneously. Isn’t it cool?

How to do the dragon: Begin with a long drag (make sure you don’t inhale the e-juice). Now when there’s thick vapour in your mouth, try to exhale through your nose and mouth. Try it many times to master the trick.

Source: https://youtu.be/pZd2uj3_ZOk

Vapour Bubble

This trick is extremely popular among amateur vapours. Vapour bubble is an easy trick where you can produce an extremely large bubble. Here, you will be requiring more than just e-liquid and a vape device.

How to do vapour bubble: Take a plastic bottle and remove its bottom. Now, make a bubble solution in a bowl (use water and hand soap). Dip one side of the plastic bottle. The last step is to slowly exhale vapour through the bottle. It will help form a huge vapour bubble.


The Ghost Hit (Mushroom Cloud)

It is one of the easiest vaping tricks for beginners. The vape trick includes creating a vape ball, releasing it, and getting it back.

How to do the ghost hit: Start by taking a long vapour drag. Let the vapour stay in the mouth for a few moments. Now, push it through the mouth and snap it back. Be quick!

Source: https://youtu.be/r0vZNokLi5I

The Waterfall

The waterfall is an amazing yet easy trick to impress your friends who aren’t vapers. You can perform it to make your vapour look heavy and viscous.

How to do the waterfall: You need to prepare for this trick a few hours before performing it. In this, you will require a plastic bottle with frozen water in the bottom. Now, inhale the vapour and blow it inside the bottle. The last step is to pour the water. Your personal waterfall is ready to surprise your friends.

Source: https://youtu.be/Xays6YB0QF8

Vape Tricks For Intermediate Vapers

This category includes people who have been vaping for a few months. Apart from easy beginners’ vape tricks, intermediate vapers can try some vaping tricks that are not a cakewalk.

Vape Rings

They are similar to traditional smoke rings that come with a pinch of vaping. Although making smoke rings are common among smokers, you need the practice to master it.

How to do vape rings: The first step is to inhale the vapour. In this, you need to ensure that your tongue is at your mouth’s bottom. Shape your lips into ‘O’. Now, push some vapour through your throat. You will notice a vape ring coming out of your O-shaped lips.

Source: https://youtu.be/aZaOaTjhvxQ

The Tornado

In the real world, a tornado is a rapidly rotating air column that is dangerous in many ways. But in the vape community, it is a cool trick that makes vaping more interesting than ever. Here, you make a pool of vapour that spins up in the shape of a real-world tornado.

How to do the tornado: Inhale the vapour and carefully release it onto a surface (flat surface). Make sure it’s thick vapour. Now, use your hands to chop the surface and quickly move your arm to the upward. This will help create a spiral.

Bull Ring

As the name suggests, the vape trick is about creating a ring on your nose. Although you need the practice to master this trick, it is cool to do many times.

How to do bull ring: First things first, it should be a pain-free trick. You can begin by inhaling the vapour. Now release it in a way that it creates a vape ring. The step is to catch the ring through your nose. You can use a mirror to see if you are doing it in the right way.

Source: https://youtu.be/2ggNtwZq5yg

French Inhale (Irish Waterfall)

It’s like a reverse waterfall that goes in the upward direction. In this, you exhale vapour and take it back through your nostrils.

How to do French inhale: Take a deep drag and keep it there for a few moments. Now, slowly release the vapour. The most important part of the trick is to make sure that you bend your bottom jaw in a way that the vapour comes out in the upward direction naturally. The last thing to do is inhaling it through your nose.

Source: https://youtu.be/MCwhfgr4ofA

Vape Bend

This is a trick to create O-shaped rings with a little twist: redirecting the ring. In this vaping trick, you bend your vape ring in any direction.

How to do vape bend: Create a ring using the vape ring trick. Here, you have to make sure that one of your hands is next to your mouth. After exhaling the vapour, gently give a direction to your vape ring. Now, follow the ring and redirect it again.

Source: https://youtu.be/e1cCwRwk0ZM

Vape Tricks For Experienced Vapers

If you have tried all the vape tricks for amateur and intermediate vapers, then it is the time for you to take your vape game to the next level with advanced vape tricks. You can practice some tricks that are hard to do yet are interesting.

Vape Triangles

If vape rings are easy for you, then you can try making vape triangles. Apart from your mouth movements, you need to use your hand to make perfect vape triangles.

How to do vape triangles: Follow all the steps of making a vape ring. When you blow a ring, use your hands to push it. Now, bend the sides to give it a shape of a triangle.

Source: https://youtu.be/E8qVELmR_bw

Jellyfish (Atomic Bomb)

It is a complex yet an entertaining vape trick to perform when you are bored of simple vape tricks. Here, you master a vape shape that looks like a jellyfish or an atomic bomb.

How to do jellyfish: First of all, make an O-shaped ring. Now, slow down its speed by simply placing your hand behind it. Then, make a smaller ring and push it through the bigger ring’s centre. This procedure will leave a trail that makes it look like a jellyfish.

Source: https://youtu.be/x6mClSn5eVQ


These are some extremely popular vape tricks that you can try with your device. You may require some practice to master them. If you do not succeed in mastering them in the first attempt, then don’t get disappointed. Practice more!

Vape Gift Ideas for Christmas and New Year

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, it is the time to buy gifts for people you love. For vapers, no gift is better than a vape product. They always need more and more to take their vape game to the next level. From starter kits and e-liquids to vape accessories, there are plenty of vape gears to buy as a Christmas and New Year gift this year.

Buying a gift for a vaper is a cakewalk, thanks to the best vape stores in the UK that sells genuine products by reputed manufacturers from around the world. However, it is not an easy job to decide what your vaper friend may like to have this holiday season.

We have worked with a bunch of vape experts and figured out the best Christmas and New Year gifts:

Vape Gift Ideas for Christmas and New Year

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  • Nicotine Salts E-Liquid

    8 Best Nicotine Salts E-Liquid Brands You Must Buy Right Now

    Ever since nicotine salts received good reviews from vape users, many e-liquid brands worldwide have been introducing their own series of nicotine salt juices. These unique e-liquids are the brainchild of US-based JUUL Labs. Today, there are vape juice manufacturers in different countries producing nicotine salt e-liquids.

    What makes nic salt different from ordinary e-juices is their smoothness. The e-liquid is smoother than regular vape liquids and gives an opportunity to a user to inhale more nicotine than normal. This attribute makes nicotine salt a cost-effective vape juice.

    Nicotine salts are the best in taste and give you more bang. And, there are countless suppliers of nicotine salts in the UK who may claim their products to be the best. However, all nic salt brands are not equally effective. We recently worked with a group of experts in the vape industry and figured out the best nicotine salt e-liquid brands that you must try at least once in 2018.

    Here are 8 best nic salt e-liquid brands of 2018:

    1. Dinner Lady
    2. Like its name, Dinner Lady products are unique yet interesting.Dinner Lady The e-juice range by the brand is among the most talked e-liquid products in the vape UK market right now. For the admirers of the nicotine salt, the vape manufacturer has multiple interesting flavours. They are rich in flavour and sumptuous in the taste.

      Not suitable for sub-ohm vaping, the Dinner Lady nic salt products are the right pick for pod devices. Nicotine salt e-liquids by the brand that you must try in 2018 are:

      • Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble Nic Salts
      • Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Nic Salts
      • Dinner Lady Cola Shades Nic Salts

      Visit Site

    3. Elements Designer Nic Salts
    4. Suitable for the mouth to lung vaping and pods, Elements Designer Nic SaltsElements Designer nic salts come in a variety of delicious flavours with high nicotine content. Apart from the rich flavour profile, the e-juices make a fabulous blend of delicious flavours and the perfect PG/VG ratio.

      Elements Designer nicotine salts provide more potent nicotine hit than other e-juice types and traditional cigarettes. Plus, there is a wide range of Elements Designer nic salts to try and taste in 2018. Some of them are:

      • Element Designer Nic Salts Candy Punch
      • Element Designer Nic Salts Frost
      • Element Designer Nic Salts Pink Lemonade
      • Element Designer Nic Salts Watermelon Chill

      Visit Site

    5. I VG Salts
    6. I VG Salts is an extensive range of nicotine salts widely popular I VG Salts due to its unique flavours and high nicotine content. Ideal for pod systems and starter kits, the nic salts include high nicotine strength without a harsh throat hit. They give you a smoking-like hit and gratify your nicotine craving without harming your health.

      Although the nicotine salt range of I VG Salts is not big, its flavours are extremely popular among vape users. If you are looking for a nicotine sale e-liquid for a smooth and satisfying vape, then IVG Salts will be the right product to purchase. Some of the most popular flavours of I VG Salts are as below:

      • I VG Salt Blue Raspberry
      • I VG Salt Kiwi Lemon Kool
      • I VG Salt Bubblegum Millions
      • I VG Salt Rainbow Blast

      Visit Site

    7. Salt Nix
    8. Versatility and effectiveness make Salt Nix Salt Nixone of the best nicotine salts e-liquid brands in the UK. They are simple yet different from others in the same category. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced vape user, Salt Nix has the right products to gratify your craving for nicotine.

      There is a range of Salt Nix flavours which are delicious to inhale and get a sensation closer to cigarettes. Some of the nic salt flavours that you can buy in the UK include:

      • Salt Nix French Vanilla
      • Salt Nix Northern Tobacco
      • Salt Nix Neon Berries
      • Salt Nix Spring Mint

      Visit Site

    9. Got Salts
    10. Got Salts has one of the largest selections of nicotine salts.
      Got SaltsThey are unique and satisfying in every sense. You can get them in 20mg and in a 10ml bottle. The manufacturer has prepared the nicotine salt e-liquid with an aim to satisfy daily vape users.

      Ideal for the mouth to lung vaping, Got Salts nicotine salts are not suitable for sub-ohm vaping. To gratify the nicotine cravings, users can choose from an extensive range of nic salt e-liquids. They include:

      • Got Salts Black Forest
      • Got Salts Peachy Promise
      • Got Salts Tropical Red
      • Got Salts Blood Sun

      Visit Site

    11. Nasty Juice
    12. Nasty Juice is well-known for their unique packaging and high-quality performance.
      Nasty juiceNicotine salt e-liquids by Nasty Juice are the perfect bottles to satisfy nicotine cravings without harming the health. They provide a great taste and come at a cost-effective price.

      Nasty Juice brings a huge range of delicate tastes in a 10ml bottle at 20mg nicotine strength. There are many nicotine salts by Nasty Juice that you can try in the UK. They include:

      • Nasty Salts ASAP Grape
      • Nasty Salts Slow Blow
      • Nasty Salts Bad Blood
      • Nasty Salts Cush Man

      Visit Site

    13. Momo Salt
    14. Like its name, Momo Salt is an interesting range of nicotine salt e-liquids.
      Momo Juice They are nicely blended flavours with the perfect ratio of ingredients and tobacco. What makes Momo Salt one of the best nicotine salts e-liquid brands in the UK is their unique taste.

      There is a huge range of flavours to choose from. They come in an attractive 10ml bottle at 20mg nicotine strength. Some of the best Momo Salt e-liquids to buy in the UK are as below:

      • Momo Salt Caramel Tobacco
      • Momo Salt Pinkberry
      • Momo Salt Elderpomme
      • Momo Salt Mangonut

      Visit Site

    15. I Love Salts
    16. Fruity flavours, sumptuous taste, and a great selection of e-liquids
      to choose from make I Love Salts one of the top-rated players in
      the nicotine salt industry in the UK. I Love Salts From raspberry to sweet tobacco, there are many delicious nic salt flavours by the brand that you can taste in the UK and satisfy your tobacco craving.

      I Love Salts e-liquids come in an attractive 10ml bottle with 20mg nicotine strength. If you are looking for some unique yet sweet nicotine salts in the UK, then I Love Salts is a good brand to invest in. Some I Love Salts products you must try are:

      • I Love Salts Blue Raspberry
      • I Love Salts Spearmint Gum
      • I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco
      • I Love Salts Tropic Mango

      Visit Site


    You can easily buy these best nicotine salts e-liquid brands in the UK online. All these 20mg nicotine salts are available at Vapour Depot at cost-effective prices. Get up and grab them all.

    Stoptober 2018: Quit Smoking With The Right Support

    Stoptober 2018: Quit Smoking With The Right Support

    Stoptober is back! Congrats to everyone who is doing this! Once again, the 28-day stop smoking challenge- supported and led by Public Health England (PHE)- is telling people about the stop smoking health benefits.

    Since its launch in 2012, the stop smoking campaign has been gaining popularity. The government-backed campaign not just tells people the benefits of giving up smoking but also supports them in quitting the deadly habit.

    Until now, many encouraged smokers have quit smoking and started living a healthy life. There are reports which suggest that over 400,000 smokers in England alone have stopped smoking last year (1,069 each day and one in 80 seconds). Since 2014, around one million individuals have given up their smoking habits. Well, that’s really impressive!

    Quitting Is Easier With The Right Support

    Quitting smoking can be hard, but it is possible. All that a smoker needs is motivation and the right support. While joining the Stoptober 2018 quit smoking movement, an individual must have a plan to give up on the smoking habits and take a healthy approach. Apart from that, a person can reach Stoptober organisers and experts to identify the procedure to stop smoking.

    According to experts, using an alternative to smoking is the best way to quit traditional cigarettes.

    Stoptober Says ‘Yes’ To Vaping

    When annual Stoptober started in 2017, NHS introduced vaping as a healthy alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The move backed by the government proved that many recent studies whose results were calling e-cigarettes a healthy replacement of traditional cigarettes were right. It was the first time in the history of Stoptober when NHS included vaping as a method to encourage people to stop smoking. During the last year’s campaign, there were TV ads that showed e-cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking habits.

    The Stoptober 2018 campaign has also given a place to vaping as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, which are a major cause of several deadly diseases. In its website, NHS has called e-cigarettes a stop smoking aid that helps quit smoking for good. It has even elaborated how e-cigarettes work and what are different types of vape devices that help quit smoking.

    How Does Vaping Help Quit Smoking?

    First things first, going cold turkey doesn’t help in quitting smoking. There are several kinds of products introduced in the last few years an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. However, none of them is as effective as e-cigarettes. Many recent studies on e-cigarettes have found that vaping is a healthier smoking approach than tobacco cigarettes. It is not an addictive habit and does not lead to harmful diseases.

    Regular cigarettes contain nicotine and many other chemicals as ingredients that cause serious diseases. E-cigarettes do not have these chemicals. These battery-powered devices allow users to inhale nicotine without consuming the harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes have. Apart from that, there is a huge range of flavoured e-juices that do not contain nicotine.

    According to NHS, e-cigarettes are not addictive and help manage nicotine cravings. They can help people get rid of their smoking habits and take a healthy approach towards a disease-free life.

    Not just researchers in England, but an NHS Health Scotland-led research in 2017 found that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. In a statement, the director of public health science at NHS Health Scotland said that e-cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes.

    There are many government-backed studies worldwide where researchers have found that vaping helps to quit smoking even when they don’t want to. In many of these studies, participants accepted that they used many methods in the past to give up on their smoking habits but none of them was as effective as electronic cigarettes.

    Make The Switch This Stoptober 2018

    Vaping is one of the best ways to quit smoking. Stoptober 2018 campaign is also endorsing the battery-powered devices. However, it is necessary for a smoker to buy the right devices and e-liquids to get the most out of this approach.

    There is a huge range of vaping products that a smoker can use to make Stoptober a game-changing month. Several popular vape brands, including Aspire and Innokin, have introduced many starter kits for beginners. Apart from that, there are several kinds of vape juices that can help deal with cravings for regular cigarettes.

    To make people enjoy vaping and stay on the track of quitting cigarettes, vape manufacturers have introduced quick start quit devices, pod mod quit kit, and sub-ohm starter packs.

    If you are also planning to get rid of your smoking habits, then choosing vaping as your right supporting partner. Get the right products and e-liquids at Vapour Depot. Known as the best vape store in the UK, the online vape shop has all kinds of kits and accessories to get started with vaping. All these devices are easy to use, effective, and affordable.

    Vapour Depot hopes that more people will take part in Stoptober 2018 and give up their old yet dangerous smoking habits.

    Vaping will make you lose your old cigarettes, but it is healthy for you.

    Best E-juice And E-liquid Flavour Concentrate Brands

    10 Best E-juice And E-liquid Flavour Concentrate Brands In The UK

    If you want to know how important an e-liquid is for vapers, then just start talking about the best e-liquid concentrates in the UK and notice a big smile on their face. For them, their vape juice isn’t just a mix of ingredients but a vapour-creating nectar that takes them to a wonderful world of vaping. There are e-liquid flavour concentrates that allow vape users to create their personal e-juices at home.

    There are many reputed e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands that produce a range of best flavour concentrates in the UK to add more fun to vaping. Their flavours range from cocktail, fruit, tobacco, and everything in between.

    An amazing thing about creating your own juice is that you can control the nicotine amount, PG: VG, and the flavour profile. To create a juice that you would love to inhale, you require the right e-juice flavour concentrates and a perfect e-liquid recipe in the UK. To save your time looking for the best vape juice concentrate brands in the UK and spend more time creating your e-liquid, we have made a list of 10 e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands in the UK.

    Here are they:

    • Capella Flavour ConcentratesCapella Flavour Concentrates

    A home to pure, authentic, and some of the finest vape ingredients, the American brand is a popular brand to get amazing juice and vape concentrates in the UK. The rising popularity of Capella is due to its continuous bonding with its customers. It understands what customers may like to inhale.

    There is a huge range of Capella products to choose as e-juice concentrates. Vape users can choose from several options, including apple pie, apricot, banana, blackberry, raspberry, and many others.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    • Jungle Flavors ConcentratesJungle Flavors Concentrates

    There is a huge range of Jungle Flavors concentrates that take you to an interesting tour of vaping. The brand’s concentrates are unique yet delicious to try. If you are visiting a vape shop in the UK, then you will easily find most of the Jungle Flavors.

    Cocoa, coconut, mango, mint, lemon, tobacco, apple, boysenberry, coffee, pineapple, and espresso are some of the most popular flavours of Jungle Flavors. There are many others to try to make your favourite e-juice.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    • Aromea Concentrates

    Aromea Concentrates

    Aromea is an extremely popular brand due to its huge range of DIY bases, e-liquids, and concentrates. Many of its products are renowned among vape users due to their unique and addictive aromas. Aromea to prepare your own e-liquid comes with a range of flavour options to choose from. The brand is known for creating some of the most amazing concentrates in the world.

    The brand has spread its wings worldwide. Vapers across the world choose Aromea concentrates to create vape juices of their choices. Whether you want to create a unique banana vape juice, champagne, an energy drink flavour, there is a huge range of Aromea vape juice concentrates to buy and try in the UK.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    • FlavourArt Concentrates UK

    FlavourArt Concentrates UK

    When it comes to the best brands in the UK for vape flavour concentrates, the name of FlavourArt appears among the top and trusted suppliers. Trusted and unique products are the reason behind the sky-rocketing popularity of the brand worldwide.

    There are plenty of interesting FlavourArt concentrates that allow you to create a sumptuous e-liquid flavour at home. The brand sells many types of e-liquid concentrates in the UK and other parts of the world to give an opportunity to vape users to prepare e-juice flavours like cream fresh, cocoon, nut mix, raspberry, and many others.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    • Flavor West

    Flavor West

    The US-based e-liquid and vape flavour maker is a well-known brand in the vape community for its sweet and delicious e-liquid concentrates. Flavor West is also famous for creating some extremely unique flavours that you will not find anywhere else.

    You can make your favourite dessert e-juice using concentrates manufactured by Flavor West. The brand’s products are unique, high-quality, and capable of making a vape juice that you would love to inhale again and again. Apple green, banana, birthday cake, blackberry mojito, blue ice, blueberry, cotton candy, and many others are some of the most popular Flavor West concentrates that vapers in the UK like to create their vape juices.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    • Real Flavors

    Real Flavors

    The popular American vape concentrate brand is based in Michigan, and is known for unique yet delicious flavour compounds made by using advance flavour delivery technology. According to the brand, the technology it uses is the same which is used in food and beverages.

    What makes Real Flavors one of the finest concentrate brands to create e-liquid or e-juice in the UK is its natural flavours. The company’s ready to mix concentrates are perfect to try your next vape juice recipe. Apart from common concentrate products, the brand sells unique and interesting concentrates like Baja soda, boysenberry, cinnamon toast, and countless others.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    • Botanic ElixirBotanic Elixir

    Botanic Elixir has been producing high-quality vape concentrates for vape users from all across the world. The long list of rich flavours gives vapers an opportunity to create a vape juice that they are not going to forget for a long time to come.

    Botanic Elixir e-liquid concentrates in the UK are interesting products to buy and prepare an e-juice that is delicious and unique at the same time. Vape users can use the products to make a perfect vape juice mix of almond, apricot, cherry, banana, butterscotch, hazelnut, or others.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    • The Flavor Apprentice

    The Flavor Apprentice

    In the UK, The Flavor Apprentice is popularly known as a company that manufactures an extensive range of e-liquid flavours and concentrates. According to the brand, it uses only highest-grade ingredients to prepare concentrates that let vape users create a sumptuous e-juices at home.

    The popular concentrate brand has a huge range of products to sell in the UK. From Acai, apple, banana cream, and nut bread to tea deluxe, there are hundreds of concentrate products to buy and prepare a delicious vape juice mix.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    • Inawera Flavor Concentrate Inawera Flavor Concentrate

    Whether you want ready e-liquids, bases, or flavours for your favourite e-liquid, Inawera has everything for you. All of its concentrates are high-quality products that come at inexpensive prices in the UK.

    Inawera is a reputed and trusted e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brand in the UK due to its range of unique products. There are lots of fruity flavour concentrates to buy and prepare an e-juice of your choice. You can choose from concentrates like grape, fruit mint, purple pink, raspberry, seven leaves, banana, golden apple, mango, and many others.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    • Flavorah


    The list of best e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands in the UK is incomplete without Flavorah. The popular brand prepares concentrates with an aim to eliminate tobacco from common use.

    Flavorah is a favourite concentrate brand of many in the UK. The company sells rich and delicious products that you can use to create your own unique vape juice. Apart from common products, it has a number of unique e-liquid concentrates in the UK. They include candy roll, cranberry, cereal, dragon fruit, heat, and honey bee.

    Check Full Specification and Price

    If you want all of these concentrates at cost-effective prices, then come to the best vape shop in the UK. Vapour Depot has products manufactured by all popular e-juice and e-liquid flavour concentrate brands in the UK.


    Tips to Choose best eliquid shop UK

    Vape Juice Guide: Tips to Choose The Best E-liquid Shop In The UK

    For a vaper, nothing is more horrifying than running out of e-liquid. When it happens, the first thing a British vaper must do is find the best e-liquid shop in the UK. Instead of searching for the nearest vape shop, you should look for the best vape shop in the UK near you that sells e-juices manufactured by renowned brands worldwide.

    Many vapers struggle to find their favourite vape juices. Some of them could not locate the right e-cig shop near them, while the others refuse to go an extra mile to get what they like to inhale. The best way to get your favourite e-liquid is research. Explore more and more about vape stores near you and buy an e-juice that tantalise your tooth.

    In the modern technology-friendly world, you can get your favourite e-juice at your doorstep. In addition, there are countless online vape stores that operate in the UK. However, not all of them are trustworthy. A reputed shop sells trusted brands and is renowned among shoppers.

    To make vape juice hunt easier than ever for you, we have figured out the best ways to find the best e-liquid shop near you. These are practically proven ways to find and choose the best vape shop in the UK for an e-liquid.

    Identify Your E-liquid Requirements

    Before starting your search for the right vape juice shop, you must be aware of your e-juice needs. It is necessary to know if you want European e-liquid, a trusted local brand, or an American e-liquid in the UK. Apart from that, you need to understand which flavour do you want to inhale and what PG/VG ratio it should have.

    When you know what do you exactly want, it becomes a lot easier to find a place that delivers your products. You only need to identify if the store has your favourite juice or not.

    Choose Registered Supplier

    The Internet is full of websites on vaping. Many of them deal in e-juices and a huge range of vape juice products in the UK. However, not all of them are registered suppliers of vape gears. A store that you are choosing to buy your favourite vape juice must be a reputed and registered seller.

    While looking for the right vape juice shop online, make sure that the store is registered and has a VAT ID. Apart from that, it must have a registered office.

    Check For Products

    When you are buying your favourite e-liquid flavour online, it is necessary for you to make sure that the store you are exploring sells only the products manufactured by reputed e-liquid brands. Check for all the details related to a product and its maker.

    A reputed seller of vape juice in the UK deals only in branded products. All the juices at the store will have their flavour profile, description, and other necessary information. Apart from that, the seller will have provided information on PG and VG ratio. Apart from branded vape juices, the online shop must have a range of concentrates as products so that you can make an e-juice of your choice. The seller must have all the products in different bottle sizes. It helps you get your favourite vape juice without breaking your bank.

    Check For Special Juice Packages

    There are many online e-juice suppliers who sell a range of American, European, and local e-liquid products in the UK. What makes a store the best vape shop in the UK is its special juice deals. The e-cig shop in the UK will have a variety of special e-juices, premium signature products, and juice subscription.

    Apart from that, there can be high-quality mystery e-juice products to take your vape game to the next level. In short, there will be many e-juice options coupled with several concentrates to create the best e-liquid recipes in the UK.

    Easy Buying And Delivery Services

    Not just exploring a range of e-juice products, the best e-liquid shop in the UK will have easy buying services. At the store, you can buy your favourite juice in just a few clicks.

    A good vape store’s delivery services will also be impeccable. You should check customer reviews to make sure that the shop is delivering products within a deadline.

    Where To Buy Your Favourite E-Liquid In The UK?

    If you are looking for a reputed and trusted vape store for all your vape juice demands, then come to Vapour Depot. We have all kinds of e-juices, including European, American, and others, to gratify a vaper in you. All the vape juice products at the store are manufactured by reputed brands worldwide. Apart from e-liquids, you can get all kinds of vape gears and e-cigarette accessories at cost-effective prices.


    2018 Christmas Vape Guide

    2018 Christmas Vape Guide: How To Get The Most Out Of Festive Season

    Christmas is coming! Trees, lights, good foods, and happy faces everywhere are some of the most amazing things about the festive season. Vapers have one more reason to get excited for Christmas and New Year. It is the shopping for vape products from the best vape shop in the UK.

    It’s fun to get new vape gears and purchase some mouth-watering e-liquids to get the most out of festive season. However, vape shopping for Christmas and New Year is challenging.

    Here is 2018 Christmas vape guide to help you:

    Stock Up On Supplies

    Vaping has taken vapers throughout the world by storm. As everyone is going to have enough free time to enjoy vaping and try new vape products, there are high chances that your favourite vape store’s best products go out of stock near Christmas.

    You are advised to stock up on supplies before the shopping madness begins. Make sure you buy e-liquids, coils, and other items that you may require to enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

    Pro Tip: Do not wait for the festivity to start in order to get some holiday deals on a few products. Get your favourite products now and enjoy vaping when everyone is battling to get their favourite vape gears.

    Purchase Special Products

    You have bought Christmas socks and Christmas jumpers. Why not get some special vape products that you had never used before. For example, you can buy some e-liquids that are unique to you. From candy, chewing gum, and desserts to jam and creams, there are many delicious dessert flavours you can try this Christmas.

    If you find a product specially launched for the festive season, then learn about it before placing the order. Apart from that, you can try some accessories to make your vape products more amazing than ever.

    Pro Tip: Buy the products manufactured by a popular brand.

    Buy Vape Gifts

    There is a wide range of vape gifts out there in the vape market in the UK to buy for yourself or others. They include mods, vape pens, e-liquids, and concentrates. There are items too that you can purchase to reflect your love for vaping.

    If you want to try something unique this festive season, then purchase special offers like a juice subscription or a mystery box that contains a combination of vape hardware and e-juice products. They also make great gifts to give other vapers.

    Pro Tip: Do not miss the chance if you get attractive deals on special gifts. They will take your vaping experience to the next level.

    Try Sub-ohm Vaping

    Who doesn’t love big vape clouds? All vapers do. Sub-ohm vaping is a technique to make big vape clouds. If you haven’t tried sub-ohm vaping yet, then the festive season of 2018 is the perfect time to improve your vaping level. Before sub-ohm vaping, learn about in details.

    Pro Tip: Your vaping beginner kit cannot help you make big clouds. There are special sub-ohm vaping products that you should buy.

    CBD E-liquid For Hangovers

    Hangovers are common during the holiday season. Imagine you wake up with a cracking hangover. You reach your vaping device and take a hit. Do you think your angry stomach is going to like it? Instead, you should look for an alternative like CBD vape e-liquid.

    There are studies which prove that CBD oils are helpful in recovering from a hangover. For vapers, there are various kinds of CBD products- vape e Liquid, tincture, capsules or gummies. There are also disposable e-pens to inhale CBD oils. If you have not tried CBD yet, this year’s Christmas and New Year is the time to use these products.

    Pro Tip: You should understand everything about CBD before trying. Also, learn how to use the products.

    Do Smething Good

    Apart from trying new vape products this festive season, you can encourage your friends who smoke traditional cigarettes to quit smoking and start using vape products. Vaping is a healthier and more cost-effective than smoking. There are several studies that support the claim and call vaping a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking.

    If you want high-quality vape products at cost-effective prices, then come to Vapour Depot. The online store has all kinds of branded e-liquids, mods, hardware products, concentrates, and vape accessories. There are also special juice subscription services and mystery vapour box to add excitement to your vape life.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy Vaping!

    CBD Vape Oil

    What is CBD Vape Oil? Here Is Complete Guide To CBD Vape Oil

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is grabbing headlines in the vape industry for its therapeutic properties. Like an e-liquid, you can inhale CBD vape oils using a vaporiser, an e-cigarette, or a vape pen.

    What exactly is CBD vape oil? How to vape CBD oils?

    In this complete guide to CBD vape oil, we will discuss all about the CBD oil vaping. We will also guide you on how to buy the right CBD product, including CBD capsules. Let’s explore:

    CBD Oil: What Exactly Is it?

    Also called CBD vape oil, it is derived from cannabis buds and flowers. The oil is also extracted from hemp. Here, it is ensured that the oil comes out with lower concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is because THC reacts with human body receptors and affects the mind. Branded CBD oils do not contain an amount of THC that can have psychoactive effects on the body. In other world, CBD oils are safe to inhale.

    Apart from that, CBD oils come with many benefits. They can be used as an antidote to deal with overly high. They help decrease the THC effects and reduce the unwelcome effects of THC.

    Why Are CBD Oils Popular?

    According to vape users, CBD oil vape juice gives them an instant effect. Apart from oils, CBD capsules and gummy bears are attracting vape users from across the world. Although the oil has an instantaneous effect, users need to give time to the oil to enter the bloodstream. It may take more than 30 minutes to experience the effects.

    The working of CBD oils was earlier believed to be associated with receptors that the human body produces on its own. For cannabinoids, there are CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are present in all sections of the body, with most of them in the brain. On the other side, CB2 receptors are found in the immune system. As per the early researches, CBD is attached to CB2 receptors. However, new studies have indicated that CBD is not directly attached to any of the receptors.

    Why Vaping Is Right To Consume CBD Oils?

    There are two ways to consume CBD oils. One is taking them orally and the other is vaping them. There are more advantages of vaping CBD than consuming it directly. It is because when you orally consume CBD, it leads to the limited amount of bioavailable cannabidiol in the body. In this way, your body gets a limited amount of CBD to use. On the other side, vaping gives an opportunity to have more CBD bioavailable quickly. It means a user’s body gets more CBD effects to enjoy.

    How To Vape CBD Oils?

    You can vape the oil using a vaporiser, a refillable vape tank, or a vape pen. Apart from that, there is a disposable CBD vape pen for CBD vaping. These devices look like a cigarette and can be disposed of. They are small, easy to carry, and cost-effective devices to vape CBD oils. They are pre-loaded devices and you do not need to recharge them while vaping.

    Apart from the disposable CBD vape pen, you can use your vape tank or a vape pen.

    What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oils?

    CBD oils are known as a safe and secure medicine that cures a range of health problems. The help in healing stem cells and treating diseases. Some more benefits of CBD oils include:

    • They have pain relieving properties.
    • They help in quitting smoking.
    • They are effective to treat epilepsy.
    • They are helpful in treating various neuropsychiatric disorders.

    How To Buy CBD Oils?

    In many regions of the world- including the UK- CBD is used as a medicine. When you explore the UK vape market in search of a CBD vape oil, you come across its different variables. You should understand the product before purchasing it. Whether you are buying the product online or offline, ensure that you have understood it. Apart from that, you should be aware of the safest methods to vape CBC.

    Final Words

    The popularity of CBD vape oils is skyrocketing. To get the best experience, you should buy the right products. For trusted products, come to Vapour Depot. Apart from CBD oils, we have CBD disposable pen, CBD capsules, and gummy bears.


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